3 Circuit City Employees Arrested For Theft Operation

Police arrested three Circuit City employees suspected of stealing more than $50,000 in property from the Dale Road electronics store since the beginning of the year.

Police found a 42-inch plasma screen television and a Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console when they served a warrant Tuesday at the Empire home of Dennis Macedo, 23, on the 300 block of North Abbie Street.

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TriggerHappy3843d ago

And I blame nothing but the high cost of next gen gaming. I mean to fully enjoy what this generations gaming has to offer, you will need to have top of the brand gadgets.

However, stealing it is not the way to go about it doing it, there other ways.

like getting a Job ...or

entering the N4G contest and getting continuous consecutive wins...:)

d3l33t3843d ago

moral of the story: don't get caught or you'll go to jail and becomes someones girlfriend

tehcellownu3843d ago

haha no more games for them...maybe the datin game in be someone gf

Keyser3843d ago

I hope they were doing pushups and know how to make a shank out of a toothbrush.

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