PGR4 demo in certification; More gameplay videos

The Project Gotham Racing 4 demo is done and currently worming its way through Microsoft's certification process.

Speaking at a press event at Bizarre Creations' offices in Liverpool, the developer said the demo would be released around the same time as the game - in their words, "it's just waiting for a slot".

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PS360PCROCKS3908d ago

I take back what I said about this looking like poo last night...looks pretty damn sick actually...but I for one for now on will not judge a racing game by screenshots ever again, they never match up...PGR3, Forza and PGR4, maybe it's a 360 thing, I dunna...

Crazyglues3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

you have restored my faith in this game, it looked amazing in those shots so it's going back in my must have list, in fact I'm just going to Pre-order it at right now.

It looks like they have made an amazing game and I'm sure it will be hours of fun, I wish they would show some of the Garage feature (a real cool part of PGR3) but I like what I've seen in these screens so now I can't wait.

I was a little nervous because some of the other videos that had bad quality made the game look awful, so now I can see, it was all because of bad camera footage, game looks amazing.

Looks like they really did their homework. This game should be amazing, if you Like PGR3 this should be a pick up for you on launch. -because it's looks really, really good.

MrFurious3908d ago

This games looks like a old gen game, I mean animation is not smooth and graphics are quite crap. sorry but only blind fans will persue themselves this game is great!
Sorry but not for me, this game is very low. Actually no racing game in X360 looks as nice as GT Demon on PSN Store, never compare graphics, animation and realism of cars between those two games/demo.
Really it is a shame to spend so much time/money on development to finally ship an average game as many others (Forza...)Pfff

PS360PCROCKS3908d ago

"(Forza...)Pfff" you obviously know nothing about racing games, GT is a great game but to try and knock Forza? Are you serious? You have obviously never played Forza 1 or 2, they are great racing games. Forza 2 is the best racing game I have ever played, it's addicting and frustrating all at the same time because it's so damn realistic and hard. I for one give credit where credit is due, GT5 is going to rock, Forza 2 is amazing and PGR4 (It's arcadey racing BTW) looks very very good.

sheng long3908d ago

I used to play this back when it was on dreamcast and it was a fun game. I have to be honest, the videos do not impress me as much, especially after seeing some of the breath taking pictures that have been posted on here before, but i guess the pictures are straight up from Photo Mode.
It looks good enough to be considered Next Gen, and as long as it plays like a next gen title, i'll be happy.

creeping judas3908d ago

well said. i originally cut my teeth on the 1st GT and then GT2, they were great games. I have not played any other GT game so i cannot make any judgements on them. as far as GT5:P, it sure is looking good, but i dont have a PS3,oh well. Forza2 and PGR3 have spent an awful long time in my disk tray, and i cannot wait for PGR4.

PS360PCROCKS3908d ago

Thank you. they really are all excellent games.

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