FIFA 08 Demo Delayed For Xbox 360 And PS3 In Europe

According to the official EA Sports FIFA 08 forum the release of the FIFA 08 Xbox360 and Playstation 3 is delayed in Europe.

EA Announcement:
"We're sorry to have to tell everyone that the FIFA 08 NG demo won't be launching in Europe today as was expected. Although the demo is being released in North America there were a couple of issues which we couldn't get ironed out in time to release today despite working through out the night to get these sorted."

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TriggerHappy3937d ago

WOW. EA delays the demo in EU ? THEIR BIGGEST MARKET !?

Anyhow, I hope they can get their stuff together though.

Eagle_CFC3937d ago

So this story is balls, haha, made me laugh.

Noty sure about a Eurpoe 360 demo, is a bit odd.

Is a 751mb download

BlackCountryBob3937d ago

Thats smart, delay the demo in its biggest marketplace but release it somewhere that isn't interested in it. Its like if they released the demo of Nascar (god its a bad game) everywhere but America!

Whatever happened to the stuff being said last year that Europe was the most important market and whoever won the war in Europe won it worldwide.

I'll just get it from the US store.

AliC3937d ago

So I'll be logging into my US account again to get the demos I want

sigh, and this coming from the fact no one likes soccer in the US.

Mind boggles.

AngryHippo3937d ago

....hate how EU gets screwed all the time, why? EA are really stupid for releasing in to the US and not to EU at the same time.

mighty_douche3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

can someone explain to me (in detail) who you set up a us account on my uk ps3 please? also, dont i need an NA address to do this? and can i get in sh1t from sony for it??

please help, theres bubbles in it for you!!! thanks

edit @ Keowrath, thank you very much mate, your bubbles on its way! so juyst one quick question more, do i just go to 'user' and then 'new user'?

eidt @ EZCheez and Middleeye, cheers for the help guys, appreciate it alot! bubbles all round!!

Keowrath3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

MD, it's exactly the same as setting up your UK account. Extremely easy to do. You will need a valid US address and a valid email. All I did was set up a Gmail account and according to my US PSN account I live at Konami's headquarters in the states. I just entered the address from the back of the last castlevania booklet from a US verion. I think some people have done it with Hotels. If you don't have access to the US version of a booklet just find an address online.

Simple =)

@ MD again... At work at the moment but from what I can remember yeah, you just make a new user (pretty sure it's new MASTER account) and just fill in your details from there.

Oh yeah, as far as getting in trouble with Sony, I don't think they care. I've had a US account for as long as I've had a PS3 which is since may. And besides, with how crap the UK PSN is, I'd imagine quite a few people would probably have sold their consoles by now! LOL.

EZCheez3937d ago

but when I made my Japanese account I just made up an address like 123 something street because I couldn't read it. The first step though is to make a new account on your PS3 and then log on to the PS Network. One of the first prompts will ask you for the country and just make sure you use the US. I'm sure you could google instructions because that's exactly what I did for my foreign accounts.

And I'm just starting to feel bad for EU when it comes to the PSN. You guys are getting ripped off.

Middleeye3937d ago

first you need to create a new user, then register that user on the PSN with a US address.

for example: "Rodeo Drive X, 90210 Beverly Hills"

worked perfect for me.
just download the stuff you want on your us account, then switch back to you EU account.

I really don't understand why the US store is getting all these updates, while the European store doesn't get any content at all...
I'm losing my patience with Sony!

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