Duke Nukem Plays Battlefield Bad Company 2

Duke Nukem Plays Battlefield Bad Company 2, do you think you can beat him?

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PhoenixDevil2756d ago

Reminds me of a youtube Cod Booster Justice video where Duke takes out the trash there, tho this had some amazing shots.

Somehow loading a heli with TNT jumping out n blowing up another heli with it is just dam beautiful

disturbing_flame2756d ago

Totaly, Sandy Ravage wannabe or it's sandy ravage other channel.
But clearly yes it sounds and look like one of his productions

HolyOrangeCows2755d ago

The duke wouldn't use sniper so much, though. He'd be cramming grenades down throats and punching out tanks.

Peppino72756d ago

This guy might be the first gamer I've ever envied and wanted to be. That was awesome and Duke's voice was great.

sobekflakmonkey2756d ago

That was just so kick ass though, most entertaining thing ive seen thus far today.

FinalSpartan2755d ago

That was great! Duke owning haha That player is very skilled.

Kazu0 Hirai2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

That was not skill it was all set up. Didnt anyone notice how nobody on the other team was shooting him? Man I wish whenever I played nobody on the other team would shoot me so then I can get cool kills too!!!!! Fake video.

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visualb2756d ago

damn it, I took down a HIND with a tank, and 3 others with guided rockets, and was feeling pretty epic

see this


go back MUST SURPASS!!!!

epic though =)

mrv3212756d ago

I took down a helicopter with a tank from one base to another on Oasis, as it was flying at full speed from left to right, I calculated it perfectly... he and his passanger must have felt so bad.

Lirky2756d ago

i almost thought it was hhg due to the article title.

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The story is too old to be commented.