TGS07: 15 minutes of Lost Odyssey

Gamersyde finally managed to get their hands on the pre-TGS Microsoft conference stream, and here comes the fifteen minutes long presentation of Lost Odyssey, performed by Sakaguchi himself.

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Swe_Goliath3748d ago

Will look so mutch bether ...
But thus game realy looks good 2...
Butt final fantasy on ps3 later will make the world dropp the mouth to the floor i think,, this game is still only on 1 dvd .. don`t forgett that

XLiveGamer3748d ago

( final fantasy on ps3 later will make the world dropp the mouth to the floor i think )

Ja Ja JA there go your big mouth!!!
Lets just imaging if this games its a PS3. Again lets just imaging... your comment will be:
So let me put it like this: SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!

Final Fantasy Looks Great NO DOUBT HELLO those guys have the technology and one of the best Developer team to do it BUT!!! they dont have THE CREATOR, THE MASTER, THE RPG GOD SAKAGUCHI.
So.. 1st clean your tears for that and READ THIS >MARK MY WORDS< FINAL FANTASY ITS COMING TO XBOX360.

This game no doubt its going to be AWESOME so all of you SONY FANS CUT THE CR4P

hazeblaze3748d ago

No.... I've been looking forward to LO too, but looking at this video it's realy not going to be a spectacular rpg. The graphics are pretty sweet but nothing else about it looks like anthing we haven't already seen. Which is cool... but it just means it won't be one of those games next gen rpg'ers have really been waiting for.

Both FFX III & White Knight Story look like they will have more to offer to gamers in terms of next gen gameplay but at least LO will be out during a time when there aren't many other rpg's coming out.

XLiveGamer3748d ago

Its just a >15minutes< Cinema Gameplay Video What do you have a CrystalBall or something???

Hey its Sakaguchi RPG Game, You think that they are going to sit back and say lets trow the same RPG style Game Play?

Did you play BLUE DRAGON ???

To tell you the truth FF stories (since 8 jumping to 10 and so on) sux right now

power of Green 3748d ago

This game will be on two disc this is old news(known for a month)...

FF looking better than this lol PS3 doesn't even have the ram expect super cartonish FF visuals in gameplay with a bunch or CGI movie they use to make CGI FF movies mixed in.


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Honeal2g3748d ago

this game is gonna be soo sick....

urban bohemian3748d ago

I wish I understood Japanese as I had no idea what the hell was going on! Looks like a fun game though, very similar to the original final fantasys in style and story. I hate random battles though, hopefully these ones will be fun!

Stinky Nugz3748d ago


BIadestarX3748d ago

Though I am a huge final fantasy fan.. Instead of underminding every JRPG game that comes out... I rather play this game which will be released relatively soon. It's not like Final fantasy on the PS3 will be released anytime soon... they the time final fantasy XIII is released most people will be done with this game and probably every other JRPG already out.

HarryEtTubMan3748d ago

I'll be getting FF XIII,just cause their are other rpgs doesn't mean u have to get them, this didn't look that good, trying to use FF's style waayy to much..

Lordimus3748d ago

Lost Odyssey looks great. I'm enjoying Blue Dragon, but the area I think it needs more tweaking in is difficulty and It appears that LO doesn't suffer from over easy enemies. LO looks like a definite buy for me. FF13 also looks great and I'll want to get that too but didn't they push it back to 2009 or something? Regardless, I'm in rpg heaven this winter.

hazeblaze3748d ago

No, they haven't officially pushed FFX III back... BUT every single FF game to date has received multiple date pushes before its release so it wouldn't be surprising.

But yea, LO should provide some old school rpg fun. The rpg I really can't wait to get my hands on though is White Knight Story... the combat system in that game looks like something truly new & fresh!

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