Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Pronounced Dead

Project H.A.M.M.E.R. isn't on hold. It's been cancelled. Finished. So say Famitsu in their latest issue, which feels like the Coast Guard announcing they've given up the search for a man (with a giant hammer) lost at sea.

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PS360WII3780d ago

aww I kind of wanted to play this game too :(

kennyfisterbotm3780d ago

This sucks, i really wanted to see the wii have something a little more mature for a game.

ItsDubC3780d ago

Ya, I always welcome new and original IPs so I was looking forward to this one. I'm sure the reasons for its cancellation were justified. It would have been a shame if they continued development only to release a shining piece of mediocrity.

ChickeyCantor3780d ago

the concept is gonna be worked out in a nother game im sure of it.
nintendo said they have allot for us in will never know,