Microsoft Confirms Xbox Live Phishing Security Threat

Reports on the Xbox Box forums this week indicated that Xbox Live users were being targeted in a security scam by phishers, criminals who attempt to fraudulently acquire sensitive information from individuals such as usernames, passwords and credit card details. Microsoft has confirmed the validity of these reports, telling Next-Gen that it has "taken action to help protect our subscribers' accounts".

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Ludwig3742d ago

Any chat is potentialy target of plishing .. even this one.

So, anyone wanna buy a 360 for 50% off? it can also enlarge your pnis.

ArduousAndy3742d ago

but i wouldnt mind getting a bigger one.

heres my credit card and social security card anything else you need?

mighty_douche3742d ago

a M$ produce thats susceptible to scams.... well i never.... windows NEVER has problems like this.... pfft...