Cross-platform gaming: from simple ports to the Gates of Oblivion

Battlefield: Bad Company for PS3 and Xbox 360. Unreal Tournament 3: for PC and PlayStation 3, with an Xbox 360 version coming in 2008. ID Software's Rage: coming to PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and even Mac. With more and more PC developers announcing console and cross-platform titles, different platforms now compete directly for the same gamers. The question is - which platform offers the best bang for the buck, and the biggest bang overall? In this series of articles, YouGamers intends to find out. To figure out what to expect from future cross-platform releases YouGamers looks first to what has happened in the world of cross-platform gaming during the last year and a half.

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AznSniper3840d ago

wtf Battlefield: BC is not a 360 exclusive

TnS3840d ago

Thanks, I updated the description. Now it is better than at the source. :)

ummy3840d ago

Thanks for pointing that out AznSniper - intro fixed to match TnS's description. I hope you guys enjoyed the article!