Spiderman: Friend or Foe demo now available on Marketplace

Microsoft just released a demo from the brand new Spiderman cell-shaded game: Spiderman Friend or Foe. The demo weighs just over 400MB and gives you a quick taste of the singleplayer campaign and co-op mode. The demo is available for free worldwide on Xbox Live Marketplace, except Asia.

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Havince3747d ago

im a huge marvel fan so ill give this a run, there is no harm in it

BloodySinner3747d ago

I just finished it. It's a rental, nothing more.

Sphinx3747d ago

I can't wait to get home... does the demo have coop available? I want to see if my wife likes it.

BloodySinner3747d ago

Yes, co-op is included. You have a choice between the Green Goblin or Venom as your partner.