FIFA Demo 08 out now

The FIFA 08 demo has just been released on Xbox Live, unfortunately however Europe is not included in the list of countries for which this is available.

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pandabear3903d ago

N0000000oooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooo!!! Tell me it's not true ;-( , no confirmation on the PS3 demo yet so fingers crossed the same issues don't apply to the PS3 demo in Europe.

sonarus3903d ago

Am pretty sure ps3 demo is delayed too. However you can and probably should jst get an american psn account and you will be able to access the american store and download the demo from there. As soon as it starts downloading you can switch back to your old account and the download continues. Do it all the time. However with xbox live i heard getting another account can get you banned or sumthin i am not a 100% sure about this but i do knw there is some consequence

SWORDF1SH3903d ago

EVERYBODY TAKE A DEEP BREATH. its jus been released on the EU store for the ps3. not sure about xbox live thou

jromao3902d ago

I played the demo, game is NOT worth, pretty but awful gameplay and poor AI, they announced Fifa 08 as one "piece of art", after all it's just the same old crap in HD.

I was thinking in getting this game (until yesterday), very disapointing indeed.

PES 08 order in place.

masterg3903d ago

What a joke.

Europe is 90% of the soccer market.
Seems ridiculous not to release it there first.

Watkins3903d ago

Sooo ... How's this PS3news?

LSDARBY3903d ago

WTF, Europe IS FOOTBALL. What the hell are EA doing do they not want to sell the game

gololo3903d ago


deepio3903d ago

This is like releasing an NFL demo...but not in the States...

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The story is too old to be commented.