GameSpot: Call of Duty 4: Updated Hands-On

While the rest of the world was playing multiplayer, Infinity Ward was kind enough to show GameSpot some more of the game's single-player campaign at Activision's recent Activate Asia Pacific Conference.

What the daytime level showcased most was Call of Duty 4's impressive graphical clout, with plenty of detail to be ogled at in the environments. From the rubbish-strewn streets to the dilapidated buildings, the visuals were absolutely top notch, although it was hard to concentrate on them at times because of the high level of action. Sound was also a winner -- this game begs to be played with a full surround-sound set-up, and is filled with nice audio touches (such as its excellent attempt at recreating an ear-ringing sound every time you're too close to the Abrams as it fires a round).

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mighty_douche3723d ago

its gonna probably be the biggest FPS of the year, closely followed by UT3! and before someone scream HALO!!! at me, we aready know what halo will bring to the table, im personally more interested in the other 2!

P4KY B3723d ago

And i can say COD4 is brilliant.
I think Infinity Ward and Bungie are working together to keep me in a constant state of FPS euphoria for the remainder of the year.

sajj3163723d ago

FPS of the year? Just maybe. It might just outrank Bioshock!!!

mighty_douche3723d ago

was given far to high reviews, sure, its a great game, good graphics, good story line, but it simply cant offer what COD4 can, co-op, multiplayer, ranks and achievements (this is what keeps you coming back to a game) and the non stop unrelenting ACTION!! cant wait!

snipermk03723d ago

Lets just hope its worth its hype. I've seen what hype does to games.

caffman3723d ago

I played it this morning and it does rock!

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