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What a Hacked PS3 Should Do

Now that the PS3 is hacked and wide open for homebrew I started to think about what will happen. The fact of the matter is that now that the system is open much good and much evil will undoubtedly spring forth.

With all this in mind I started to think about what exactly I would want a hacked PS3 to do that it can not do now or does not do well in unhacked form. (PS3)
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scar20  +   1604d ago
Cross game chat.

Why am i not surprised if you want that just buy a damn xbox.I'm really getting tired of people b****ing about no cross game chat.
Scatigno  +   1604d ago
How would buying an Xbox make up for it? you would still be without cross game chat on the damn PS3, and if thats the system people are playing then they shouldn't feel bad about wanting to see the feature being implemented.
rockleex  +   1604d ago
All I ask for is... Custom Dynamic Themes. :D

Also custom Avatars... if possible. XD
SMOK3xFFx  +   1604d ago

Yeah your right, buying an Xbox doesn't let people talk to their friends while they play Uncharted/Killzone/LBP and they play something else.


That would be hilarious, 1/3 custom themes now are 18+ imagine how many would be 18+ if custom dynamic themes were allowed.
Blaze929  +   1604d ago
hell yeah. Add MKV support, a better web browser - maybe a community custom firefox, custom soundtracks across all games, man - the possibilities are now endless.
Sarcasm  +   1603d ago
A Hacked PS3 should cure AIDs
VenomProject  +   1603d ago

HEY! THAT WAS PRETTY SARCAS-...Oh, I see what you did there.
nycredude  +   1603d ago
You know what will eventually happen? You will have spyware and adware and the hackers that are malicious will have gained access to your information. You can't have good without the bad. For this reason alone it's dumb to hack your Console. I mean just on Android and the market on cell phone almost every app requires full access to somethings who know how many of they steal your info.

However I do agree with Sarcasm, short of curing aids, the a hacked PS3 will be a failure in the eyes of the media.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   1603d ago
Cross game chat, web browser, mkv support.

Keep dreaming about those features. As of now, all you get is "Hello, world" on your TV.
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Dee_91  +   1603d ago
custom avatars
better internet browser

the music thing i can live without
unless they make it better than xboxs that shit was a headache on madden
BulletToothtony  +   1603d ago
in all honesty.. and i'm asking my TRUE fellow ps3 gamers..

how often are you expecting to use this Cross Game Chat.. i mean, here's how i play..

I finish a game, and i send an invite, if someone wants to join my party join it.

If i have any invites i try to join.

If i'm playing don't freaking bother me cause i don't want to be bothered while i killing noobs.

as a matter of fact i would rather NOT be xgame chat so people don't bother me as much.

I don't understand this obsession, is just to shut other fanboys up?

now MKV? that would be a hell of an add-on
Yi-Long  +   1603d ago
Oh, so many things...
- Region-free BR playback!
- Emulator heaven!
- The PS3 being able to recognize USB-sticks/HDD's that are are NOT FAT32.

etc etc.

As far as I'm concerned, the sooner all the enhancements come out, the better.

Also, as an added bonus, we as european gamers will no longer be completely reliant on the shitty crap SCEE serves us up! No proper LBP2 CE!? What. The. Fuck.!?
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RedDragan  +   1603d ago
All this rubbish about MKV.


MP4-AVC is FAR FAR FAR Superior... and supported.

Oh and Yi-Long... SCEE is not responsible. SCEJ is the problem.

Edit: Lol @ the disagreer. You need to learn your video codecs

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Heartnet  +   1603d ago

Custom Dynamic themes have been avaliable for a long time lol.. Website that creates them and gives you a creater its just up 2 u to put in the work :LL
hay  +   1603d ago
Following opinion is based on current PS3's value for money and feature set and it's theoretical increase judged by feature increase in other modded consoles:
F*cking everything!
MisterAV  +   1603d ago
YOU are ignorant
MKV is a container like MP4. And often MKV has the same video codec (h264) as MP4. So same quality but it has a better support for multiple audio and subs.
So we don't just need MKV but also for SSA subs.
RedDevils  +   1603d ago
you know why people prefer mkv over Mp4 not because of quality, but no one have the fucking time to convert all those anime or those HD movies to Mp4, unless you have no live just hanging around with your computer all day long
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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1603d ago

If I could get custom dynamic themes, custom avatars, and still be on PSn I would most definitely hack my Ps3, but sadly you cannot, so I shall stay unhacked.
HappyGaming  +   1603d ago
Download MKV 2 VOB...

It is not really a converter it doesn't work like all the other PS3 converters...

It can convert a 720p MKV movie to VOB in about 5 minutes on my crap PC... the same thing done with a regular converter would take me more than 2 hours (and I am being very generous)

You can than play your MKV files on PS3 is really really quick trust me...

Or if you have a wireless router you can just stream everything from your laptop that is what I started doing and you can stream any type of video file.
There is no point of copying to the PS3 unless you will watch the movies again and again.

For subs use AVI AddXSubs.

Hope this helps some of you.
rlm41  +   1603d ago
People wouldn't be bitching about no cross game chat and wouldn't know the joy of it if Xbox didn't have it.. It's obviously Microsoft's thing so if you want it that bad buy an Xbox. Pleading Sony to copy won't help much.
deadreckoning666  +   1604d ago
"Cross game chat.

Why am i not surprised if you want that just buy a damn xbox.I'm really getting tired of people b****ing about no cross game chat"

N4G...the only place in existence where wanting MORE features on your gaming console is a bad thing.

@below- What in the blue hell are u talking about?
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MariaHelFutura  +   1604d ago
NO. It`s just not as big of a deal as it`s made out to be and it`s not worth $50-$60.
FragMnTagM  +   1603d ago
I use party chat everytime I turn on my XBOX as I have a lot of friends and family on there. I play games with my friends, not by myself usually. I like playing against other people.

I occasionally indulge in games like Uncharted that are meant to be single player games, but that is not too often.

Party chat that lets me do cross-game invites on the fly is a GOOD FEATURE. Why does everyone downplay it so much?

I can understand if you are a hobbit-like gamer that doesn't like to be bothered while you are playing your single player games. But for mostly multiplayer gamers, party chat is a really good feature.
JayD-1K  +   1603d ago
@ Frag,
I under stand how that is a nice feature but, i hate it when you're in a MP match and half your team mates are in some kind of party chat. you can't talk to them or just say watch out and vice versa!

to me, that's when this feature is a waste of time!
wizzle52  +   1604d ago
play mkv files!

On another note
Does downloading a tv show/series thats no longer available on terrestrial tv now count as piracy :/?
HappyGaming  +   1603d ago
Sometimes because you are suppose to buy DVD series like Heroes and 24...

However I just download them because that way I get to watch them a day after they release in US.

The UK usually takes 6 months to release TV shows.
For example No Ordinary Family hasn't even started in the UK but I have watched the first 10 episodes already.
vishant101  +   1603d ago
@ gumtrol i live in NZ same thing here man
Darth_Bane79  +   1604d ago
No I don't want Crap game chat. I would rather them concentrate on busting the pirates and Hackers and bricking consoles that are using this so called "hacks" than bringing that crappy feature to the PS3.
gamerzBEreal17  +   1603d ago
why does everyone want cross game chat so bad? you have cross life chat pick up the phone and call your friends and just play...
bumnut  +   1603d ago
because its quite a handy feature for chatting with friends. quitting a game to chat with someone is not acceptable for me, thats why i spend more time on my pc than ps3
UnwanteDreamz  +   1603d ago
Not that any of you care but me and my buddies have been using Skype for cross game chat when we feel the need. Seriously though it we only feel the need like once a month. Most MP games come with chat functions.

What I don't look forward to is having my squad busy chatting with their buddies about their day while we lose a round of TDM.
Bull5hifT  +   1603d ago
Let me rip my ps2 collection before those scratch prone DVD's get any worse... Id love to play my ps2 games like my launch ps3 did before it ylod on me.... I still have first edition GTA games before they took out the shoot limbs off mode and hot coffee and some racist stuff against the haitians, Original Copies
CptBach  +   1603d ago
Kinect on PS3

FragMnTagM  +   1603d ago
That is entirely possible now. Should get pretty interesting.
vishant101  +   1603d ago
hypothetically it could run halo now
FinalSpartan  +   1603d ago
All Emulators for consoles upto Xbox 360 & PS3.

Applications & Homebrew that extend the use off PS3. Games too.
Scary69  +   1603d ago
I would not hold my breath much longer before Sony finds a way to fix this issue again.
poopface1  +   1603d ago
HAHAH whats the point of X game chat if you cant even use PSN
At leas I thought you couldnt use PSN with the hacks. Screw hacking consoles, thats just for poor asses who want to steal from hard working developers.
Theonetheonly  +   1603d ago
Just buy a PC voila the ultimate hacked ps3
will truly do everything.
GAMING etc. :)
videocard 50

mobo 39

cpu 50

ram 27

hdd 39

psu 14

case 19

total 238 dollars.

every aspect of this pc will match or outperform a ps3 :)

trust me I'm an authorized dell refurbish-er/ master-tech for a living.

oh and i almost forgot

bluray drive 50

total $288

no tax
HappyGaming  +   1603d ago
First of all wow PC parts are cheap in the US...
Newegg don't deliver to UK do they?

Plus mate you dropped the tax... why do you guys always live out the tax its not like you don't have to pay it anyway?
ReBurn  +   1603d ago
Not nitpicking, but is the operating system free? Or are we going to play all of these games on Linux?

$140 for Windows 7 Professional

And double that RAM for another $27, because 2GB just isn't going to cut it.

That brings the total to $455. Which is still reasonable for a basic gaming PC. But more realistic, as long as you have a decent monitor already.
Theonetheonly  +   1602d ago
left out OS due to the amount of money you'll save on games. games on average are 50% less than on console. within about ten games you can buy windows or whatever else you need.

I think i just remembered why i switched from consoles when i was like 12 I was always in the store wondering why pc games were sooooo much cheaper for the same game.

trust me pc gamings not for everybody, but for those who can take it or want it the reward is like making something with your own hands that you have 100% control over.

all i hear about these days is how a console should let you control more. but most people fail to realize console gaming is an industry that runs on controlling the space the end consumer has to wiggle in and then slowly offering more and more wriggle room..... but at a cost.

i see it as a money extraction device more than a respectable entity these days.

what backs up my theory is the faith that i have lost within my community ie companies that specialize in pc development jumping the bandwagon for nothing more than a market. Im starting to feel that there is no more love in gaming left for me outside of indie devs.

i dont know if anyone can relate.
CptBach  +   1599d ago
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1604d ago
"What a Hacked PS3 Should Do"
it should display a huge exploding middle finger when you turn on the console and explode in your face just for hacking.

lets face it, people will do this for piracy/Cheating purposes.
Nitrowolf2  +   1604d ago
yeah, and really no matter what people say "You can do far more then pirate games", it won't matter because one of the major reason to do it would be free games. These other things are reasons also, but the majority of people are looking for ways to play pirated games and at the same time waiting for these things.
Pixel_Enemy  +   1604d ago
It's true. I won't hack mine because I don't want to pirate games. Although it does piss me off that the hacking community gets features, apps and homebrew capabilities that legit users don't get. Especially if it is stuff that the community has been begging sony for and hackers deliver it before sony does.
nycredude  +   1603d ago
It's retarded really cause the majority of the games on all platforms are much cheaper now anyway. SO the risk of hacking your console, plus downloading large files, Unzipping, running and all the other crap will not even be worth it. I mean seriously weren't everyone and their grandma complaining about mandatory installation taking up precious space and taking too much time? How much time will it take to find and download 15 gigs, and when was the last time a mandatory installation that large?
Kurt Russell  +   1603d ago
So many people here worrying about piracy... What a waste of time. The PS3 being hacked won't mean everybody and their mums does it and they never sell a game again. Instead the smallest minority of tech savvy people might give it a go. The DS is the number 1 selling handheld, and that had an R4. The PSP Go didn't... and was a huge flop.

Anyway, being free to mod something you have purchased is fine... Can you imagine if everything just looked and worked at its factory default, we would end up with a society run by greedy whore corporations.... Oh wait :/
JayD-1K  +   1603d ago
@ KR
being able to mod the HARDWARE is fine..however you don't own the OS! That's why (if you read the start up agreement)Sony reserves the right to add or take away features as they see fit!

it sucks but....that's the way it is! because i can bet you this, when any kind of publisher comes to sue about copy right infringements..i can sure as hell bet you they won't be knocking on your door for payment!
Kurt Russell  +   1602d ago
What you say is true, but it doesn't mean it is right (as you stated it sucks)... I am personally pro a bit of change and progression rather than everything being limited to a cash flow.
Mahr  +   1604d ago
"lets face it, people will do this for piracy/Cheating purposes"

Right, and those things are wrong, so cheaters should be banned and pirates should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Everything else that the hack does should be allowed, though.
kinf-of-zon  +   1603d ago
Or finish this on the ps3.

Related video
Balt  +   1604d ago
I think the no disk after install would be nice. I think it should be an option without the hack taking place, to be honest. If we bought the game we should have the right to play it from the drive. I don't condone stealing games we've rented or downloading games we haven't bought for the feature, though. But I say, if we bought the game, give us a choice in booting from disc or drive. It's our space we're wasting or having sit empty.

I'd love to see some Nes/Gen/Snes emulators on there aswell -- More so Mame. The problem here is many people don't own Arcade Coin-op's and that would, again, be stealing. I own a "Double Dragon Coin-op" and a "Galaga" machine -- I'm looking out for a Pacman, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr to complete my collection of must. I feel Mame is a good vehicle for PS3, though. I'd love to see someone do it for the hell of it.
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sleepy3  +   1603d ago

If i could get a NES/MAME/SNES/GENEIS/PS1/PS2/D REAMCAST/SATURN emulator on the PS3 i would explode....seriously. To play that on a big screen with max resolution. The ps3 is powerful enough.

must....stop.....drooooooling , lol.
nycredude  +   1603d ago
You can get all those emulators on the pc and heck even on a phone now. Why go through the trouble to run it on a Ps3. Besides by the time a decent emulator arives it time for the Ps4. Plus non of these so called "coming soon but no one knows when" awesome homebrew will take advantage of te cell.
sleepy3  +   1603d ago
I'm not willing to hookup my PC to my TV, so I'm stuck playing the emulators on a 23" screen. i want it on the 50"

Not to mention my PC is crap....
Comet  +   1603d ago
There are already NES, SNES, native PS1, Dreamcast, Galaga, Gameboy and others through Apps developed for jailbreak already.
Lahey  +   1604d ago
Make it backwards compatible
liveActionLeveler  +   1604d ago
I just wish these things wouldn't have a piracy option somehow. Man it sure is awesome thinking about all the things they could homebrew with the full specs of the ps3 now in their hands. Emulators like n64 running perfectly and possible even ps2 bc.
Matthew94  +   1604d ago
anything is more than what sony is doing, when was the last good FW update???

they have all been small things that add very little, just a security patch (lol) here or a new codec there, nothing to get exited over like in game xmb or ps store revamp
BrianG  +   1604d ago
Because you've been getting more from every other console?

Why do people expect so much? I'm grateful that there is an update feature for this generation of home consoles.

Get a foot and want a mile.
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Matthew94  +   1604d ago
we shouldn't have to be greatful, the ps3 was a mess before the big updates rolled in

we deserved those updates, sony thought brand loyalty would let them march into this gen and it set them back for years
MariaHelFutura  +   1604d ago
Matthew94 you don`t deserve sh!t, you seem like a whiny little brat. You`re probably grounded right now.
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Darth_Bane79  +   1604d ago
I am grateful, I don't have to pay crap to get a good online service and support. It's the people on the other console that shouldn't be thankful, they have all the right to receive a good service since they are obligated to pay for their online service, so its M$ OBLIGATION to provide them with above average service. If you disagree then you don't think that you DESERVE above average service if you are PAYING FOR IT.
Kakihara  +   1604d ago
Anyone who hacks their console to play pirated games disgusts me. They should stick to pirating music, movies, ebooks, audiobooks, porn and digital radio shows like I do.
dragon82  +   1603d ago
All pirating is discusting. You can't pick and choose which is acceptable.
AJ Hartley  +   1603d ago
seriously who gives a shit unless your sony then its only a threat to them ask yourself if someone says £40 a game or someone says £3 a game like some people i know pay for them then what would you do you can say what you want about pirates i on the over hand dont care less if you cant afford the game then £3 it is.
dragon82  +   1603d ago
If you can't afford the game you simply don't get to have the game. Thats how it works. You don't get to steal a car just because you can't afford one.
poopface1  +   1603d ago
If you cant afford to buy games
then y9ou shouldnt have a PS3 or other console to begin with. Im sure pretty much every pirate can afford to buy some games, but they would rather steal them.
dragon82  +   1603d ago
I have a collection of over 100 games right now and I own all systems on the market. I still go through months at a time where I don't have the extra cash to buy games. I just play the games I have until I do have the money to buy new ones. I also use Gamefly. I guess it just boils down to the type of person you are .
tommyth3cat  +   1603d ago
Damn I disagreed too quick to catch the sarcasm. My apologies, carry on.
UltimateIdiot911  +   1604d ago
The only thing I would ever be interest in is Region Free Hacks, since I import movies, and .mkv support. More visualization would be nice too.

Outside of that, there aren't many features I really want or need.
Darth_Bane79  +   1604d ago
You have a laptop or pc? Then download Vuze ( http://www.vuze.com/ ), it broadcasts whatever movies or music files you got in the library, to your PS3 through the router, and you can watch it on your TV from the PS3. It also works on Xbox 360. it's not a hack, it's not against any PS rules, and you don't lose the ability to keep playing online with your friends. Win Win situation.
UltimateIdiot911  +   1604d ago
Nah, I know about that along with other programs. When I'm in my dorms, I don't want to buy a router or use those programs. I've tried some, they didn't turn out as good as I hope.

Still hoping Sony would put native support. Of course I wouldn't give up online play for .mkv/region free hacks but maybe this will force Sony to offer those support.
Shazz  +   1604d ago
i would appreciate a more in depth profile on psn with ability to use home avatar etc and a dedicated youtube app on xmb over cross chat
Xfanboy  +   1604d ago
unhack itself?
joeorc  +   1604d ago
for everyone that still does not get it
the people playing we cracked the PS3's security has still failed to break the PS3's secure processing vult!

the Hacker's

but ..but we have the private Key's!

well read this:

The Secure Processing Vault

Goal: isolation of an application


where ol where have i read that before..oh that's right FailOverFlow..claim to fame hack!

but here is the thing...this is talking about the SPE security processing vult..which if you notice they already knew about this type of hack. so..what's the response:

"The fundamental problem with existing approaches is that they rely on software to provide the isolation, but at the same time software can be manipulated by an adversary. A better approach is for the hardware design to isolate the process in such a way that the software cannot override the isolation, and this is precisely what the Cell BE processor's Vault provides."

"The application running on the isolated SPE is responsible for ensuring that the data coming through the open communication area of its LS is safe. Also, consistent with the idea that the cores execute independently, any number of SPEs can be in isolation mode at any given time."

or what i like to call:

turning all your SPE's into security Vult's!

how many SPE's does that program need to run?

sorry all the SPE's are in security mode thanks to

The hardware random number generator protects against replay attacks (see Resources) by marking the current communication with a time stamp. A replay attack is where an adversary takes an old communication message and sends it again through the unsecured communication channel. Because the authentication protocol will verify that the message is authentic, a robust time stamping feature is the only way for the communication partners to realize that there is a man-in-the-middle attack happening.

so the FailOverFlow says the PS3 had no random generator in its security but in the secure processing vult there it is..which since they have yet to break that vult..How do they know for sure what Security that vult contains , or more effectivly what it can do?.

.but..but we can sign self's..

yea yes you can..lol

I see i already have a disagree's yet the FailOverFlow team an Geohotz claim they have full access to the PS3 but yet they did not break that Secure SPE vult.

so no they do not have unrestricted access !

So what's in the Vult? but..but they do not need the Vult..but that's like saying..were in the lobby but do not know what's in that locked room..lets just ignore that locked room.

why was it so easy to break in the rest of it but that locked room?
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tommyth3cat  +   1603d ago
Honestly, if you're gonna type out that much at least spell check and use proper grammar.
TheRealist2102  +   1604d ago
As much as I like Sony and Microsoft (in some cases) it seems like the corporate norm is to leave features out of a product just so they can add them in later models or make you pay for it. I really enjoy how the hacking community can in most cases implement features that really make the hardware shine. It's so sad to see that hackers have more vision than corporate companies. I'm really excited to see what kind of apps and tweaks the hacking community provides.
Arup02  +   1604d ago
What is this hack all about? Now you will be able to run pirate games on your PS3?
wizzle52  +   1604d ago
Hacks been around to do that since august/sept 2010. This hack is so you can create your own programs/app. Put it into a ps3 update file and trick the ps3 into thinking its a sony approved program......and to run pirated games on the ps3 unfortunately
Arup02  +   1603d ago
joeorc  +   1603d ago
that's the point.
they are trying to trick the system but the Spe secure processing vult cannot be tricked because they have no idea what's in it.. this Quote: is a perfect example-

this is from one of the main FailOverFlow hacker's himself:


"The PS3 signature fail is neither an exploit nor a bug (in the PS3 firmware). The XKCD "return 4" function that we showed is (essentially) part of the code that Sony HQ runs to sign games, it's not in the PS3 FW. No one can create a new metldr (for an existing console). Not even Sony (unless they have that console's key stashed somewhere)."


notice this:

No one can create a new metldr (for an existing console). Not even Sony (unless they have that console's key stashed somewhere)."

if they have unrestricted access to the PS3 why not the SPE vult?

could a new Metldr be inside that vult...?


ask yourself..can Sony change the Metldr on the fly?

it would take that systems console Key..the point is that Key could be in that Vult..which would not suprise me you cannot access that key with software means outside the vult. but the Vult can do things to the software outside of the vult. but how would it know if the hackers can sign their own Self's.

that's the problem can Sony access that Vult?

we do not know they can but since they made it they may infact be able to do it. an if so no hacks would be safe if your Metldr can be changed on the fly!
SLAYMANIO_ULTIMATE_1  +   1604d ago
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Shazz  +   1604d ago
wonder if ps3 being hacked will make sony try get features to us through firmwares a bit faster now or if it will stop us getting features for long periods of time .
Lahey  +   1604d ago
Lets hope so.
Darth_Bane79  +   1603d ago
I doubt it, they are gonna have to work double now on blocking this things and thatbtakes away the time it takes to develope new stuff
Lahey  +   1603d ago
SuperStrokey1123  +   1603d ago
likely correct, i wish it was the other way around though.
THC CELL  +   1603d ago
Games will now have hidden patch.
RXL  +   1603d ago
Iv NEVER turned on my ps3 and thought "damn, i wish i had cross game chat"..lol

i don't think i ever used it on my 360 come to think of it..

ReBurn  +   1603d ago
That makes two of us.
PSjesus  +   1603d ago
PS2 emulator that what well convince me to hack my PS3
Infernostew  +   1603d ago
The only thing I would like to see is if it would allow you to patch games with an english fan translation because some dumbass companies (BAMCO) don't like to localize their games. Of course these would be played with legit copies imported from japan.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1603d ago
Im not interested in the piracy part of this but it could be really interesting to see where they are able to take this. Sure piracy sucks but something awesome like xbmc could come out of this.
Pizza  +   1603d ago
Expect aimbot and walling in call of duty.
Dysmorphic  +   1603d ago
Correct me if I'm wrong (and let's face it, I probably am) but I thought FailOverflow stated that they couldn't sign games and wouldn't be pursuing that route. Therefore, no piracy.

joeorc  +   1603d ago
they themselves don't have to be pursuing it themselves, because they are releasing the Tool's to enable people to do it to the world wide web. for anyone to get their hands on it. what does it matter if they say their not doing it themselves at all they are releasing and giving everybody lockpicks that want them.

do you think the Pirates want those free lockpicks?

the point is their enabling the piracy no matter what, if they were to go to Sony an say we would like an official Home brew channel and all the Home brew has to go through a process of agreement from Sony just like every Developer that would be one thing..but that's not what their doing is it?

I mean what about the Wii channel these Hacker's are so proud of..why not a PS3 channel..or is it just not right for Sony to get one...?

Hypocrisy it seem's is they want open source but do not want to talk to Sony about it..if you have not guessed yet Sony is one of the best companies that do infact support Open source:


if these guy's are so worried about open source an keeping Linux on the PS3 why not go to Sony..

OH that's right that would be too easy!

that Trite we did it for the Consumer's BS is very Transparent

Hey folding at home is open to all ps3's no gaming App. an yet these guy's think Sony would not be willing to work with esp for Indie developer's ...just like Sony went at Indiecade 2010 this year and is very willing to work with indie developer's.

Who are they trying to fool!
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Dysmorphic  +   1603d ago
Sorry, should of made it clearer in my original post but I recall them saying it wasn't possible to get the code to sign Blu-Rays.

Again, correct me if I'm wrong but I'm going through memory, albeit limited. :p
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BoNeSaW23  +   1603d ago
A hacked PS3 should self-destruct on that attention whore Geohotz's face!
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Laeto256  +   1603d ago
piracy wont work PS3 games are way to big for them to be pirated and stores realistically, even if you had 1 TB how many ps3 games would you honestly be able to keep? not 100.
the_best_player  +   1603d ago
plus 4 1TB external hard drives in usb ports :)
Laeto256  +   1603d ago
and the ps3 (slim) only has 2 ports ruh roh.
PS3n360  +   1603d ago
Rent or borrow from a friend and burn or buy from a pirate for $10 will be the way piracy occurs. Downloading is not realistic that is true.
joeorc  +   1603d ago
you don't need to sign key's you can make Java app's run off the Blu-Ray drive right now without a signed Key! as a matter of fact..Blu-Ray support JavaME.

that's right without even needing linux installed on the PS3 you could do this directly from the XMB!

My point is not only was it open to JavaME but was also Open to Linux it seems that was not enough for some People..

they had javaME based home brew running on the PS3 before Linux was even an issue about so called "we did this for the consumer" who are people trying to fool.

if they did it for the Consumer they could have gone to Sony an worked out something, I think people may try to Say Sony would not have worked with them..yea like Sony has not supported Home development of playstation's since the PS1?

now you have people dumping UMD's and people Hacking the PS3 for piracy.

remember the PS1's

Net Yaroze

i mean:

the Playstation 3

allowed versions of Linux to be installed and some within Linux programming was possible, similar to the PS2. However, access to the RSX graphics chip was prohibited, so games created had to have been done in software only using the CPU.

but that's just like the previous playstation systems there was a part of the playstation you were not allowed to use for good reason developer's have to pay for such privilages. but i guess software security does not apply to these guy's right?

even though they know the software does not belong to them..hey lets make all software completely transferable that include's your copyright if you buy it the auther looses his right's to it. see how many would still write software.

you would see many just say the hell with it.

or keep what they make just for themselves..you loose more tallent, unless the person does it for the "just want to share with everyone" whle that's fine an dandy the software industry supports family's and people with real lives an job's breaking the security of a system you own may be ok with you but it will hurt other's esp if you just send out the entry key's for everyone to spite some company you dislike.

these Hacker's did this out of spite not because they wanted to do something good , no they did it for selfish reason's.

this all started because some Hacker did not play by the rules. and everyone get to suffer..because all this does is make sure we as consumer's get less an less feature's for free in the future and pay for everything under the sun.
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Bull5hifT  +   1603d ago
Put Google chrome , Mozilla and full speed flash support, with keyboard and mouse , NewGrounds,ShocKWavE.... VLC player,Gom Player, Free Hulu Forced ingame Custom SoundTrack... Ability to Run Games Using Max power to bring life to older games...Orange Box And soo and so
Da_Evil_Monkey  +   1603d ago
I see a lot of people saying they don't want Cross-game chat, since when is adding features a bad idea. I like to talk to my friends when playing on my PS3, at the moment we have to use the incredibly slow and laggy text chat. It would be a lot easier just to have voice chat so we wouldn't need to pause our game every time we want to say something.
ScorpianusNoir   1603d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
Jazz4108  +   1603d ago
They are only saying it since its an xbox feature and they dont want to admit the xbox has things on it that are positive.
poopface1  +   1603d ago
cross game chat is ok, Iv only used it a few times BUT
Party chat is where its at. that way you and your friends can go in to a group private chat, weather in the same game or different games. I like it so me and my friends can communicate in games while not having to hear or talk to the rest of the people.
hot111  +   1603d ago
Remove HDCP,connect PS3 to anything,yay
Make a better network service than PSN,dedicated servers for every game
NTFS support
Everything should be playable from HDD,full installs
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ScorpianusNoir  +   1603d ago
I hope that Sony finds a way to Brick every freaking console that uses this junk. This is so typical of this generation. Keep your little jailbreak junk, keep your cross game chat. I like my PS3 just the way it is and if Sony continues to improve on this dynamo, I will be ready and waiting, but to tamper with the device in an effort to pirate crap is weak.
Come on Sony Brick them all, every single one of the consoles that use this piece of crap.
the_best_player  +   1603d ago
then Sony gets sued dumb dumb
Garnett  +   1603d ago
Play PS2 games(get some sony!)
Laeto256  +   1603d ago
they got rid of the ps2 chip in the slim which is why it cant play PS2 games, basically someone would have to program the entire ps3 to be able to emulate ps2...who the hell wants to do that?
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