Ridge Racer 7 3D - PS3 launch title gets a new dimension

There was a time that console owners looked forward to home ports of Ridge Racer arcade games. Now, the reverse is true. Bandai Namco is taking a home-based Ridge Racer game and turning it into an arcade attraction.

Ridge Racer 7 is being reborn as Ridge Racer 7 3D Version. The arcade attraction makes use of a special television that uses filters to make the images come out at players. You have to wear special glasses to see the effect, although different from classic 3D glasses, these look like standard single-colored shades. For bystanders, the game screen looks blurry, like two slightly displaced images overlain.

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Lakuspakus3743d ago

Cool, but its really just going to be annoying after a while. *darn, where's my glasses*

Genki3743d ago

if this was implemented for a game that was at least DECENT. I don't even consider RR7 playable. Sad too, Rage Racer was one of my absolute favorite PS1 games.

xaphanze3743d ago

I played RR at my cousin's house. It plays and looks like a ps2 game.

Trick Nolte3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Serious? Did it really look like a PS2 game? maybe your cousin told you his PS2 was a PS3 and you were gullible enough to believe him, much like you think we're gullible enough to believe RR7 looks like a PS3 game. Stop makin an ass out yourself please.

sheng long3743d ago

I guess i'm the only RR fan here. I thought RR7 for ps3 was a step in the right direction and looked and played quite a bit better than RR6 on 360.

SIX3743d ago

I'm a HUGE! fan of Ridge Racer. How can anyone say that this game looked bad on the PS3?

shodown193743d ago

Where's Kaz Hirai when you need him?

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