Kinect May Be The Cause of Scratched Discs

DeviceMag - Microsoft’s Kinect is a marvelous piece of technology that allows you to be the controller. Trying to find the device during the holiday season was a tough task. The lucky consumers who were fortunate enough to purchase one may be in for an unlucky surprise when they realize their disc ends up scratched within a mere coupe of hours.

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GWAVE2515d ago

Kinect itself doesn't cause scratching. It's the jumping around that MIGHT shake the floor and MIGHT scratch the disc. I know that 360 hardware has problems, but this seems like quite a stretch, even for the 360.

-Mezzo-2515d ago

I'm not saying that it has a Problem, maybe that one guy alone had this problem, i myself think it's highly unlikely that a Kinect would cause Disc's to scratch.

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Chokl8 Th1der2515d ago

My wife works at Gamestop and she had a Kinect returned yesterday just for this very reason. They thought the Kinect malfunctioned, got a new one, took it home and found out it didn't work either, so they brought it all back and sure enough, ringed disk. They said they didn't move it, they were just playing and it quit working. It's not too much of a stretch to think that if you're playing on any floor that isn't solid, that it could cause a big enough shake to scratch a disk. Try jumping up an down in your house now and see what all shakes.

HolyOrangeCows2515d ago

I think MS let a little detail slip through.

Then again, the 360 was scratching discs by itself without a poorly conceived addition that was bound to lead to more vibration and scratched discs. No one was doing jumping jacks near my 360 or tilting it around when it scratched pretty little rings on my discs. My home isn't on a 45 degree angle and my entertainment center isn't missing a leg.

King-Leonidas2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )

u gotta weigh over 300kg to shake the floor man cmon -_- a console that scratches disks

JeffGUNZ2514d ago

Complete nonsense. The drive is not THAT sensitive that walking by it make it drive move. That's complete exaggeration. I still don't understand why people do not install games to their HD or Flashdrive. Anytime I get a new game I want to play I take 5 minutes out of my time and install it so the possibility of some error is much more unlikely. The error I am talking about is if my dog knocks into my 360 or if my entertainment stand somehoe collapses.

Corepred42514d ago

I'm pretty sure this was brought up and discusses before Kinect was even released. Guess the people worried about it were right, well that is if this turns into a major widespread problem. I think I can still get it though, my living room is very sturdy, nothing shakes even if I jump! lol

HappyGaming2514d ago

So surely a base speaker would cause more damage than jumping on the floor.

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pswi602515d ago

The 360 scrathes disks all by itself, so it's not hard to believe that 1-2 people jumping around near the console could cause enough vibrations to scratch a disk.

Remember how fast the 360 spins DVDs? Go ahead and *slightly* tilt a 360 while a disk is at full RPM


Arup022515d ago

If you install the game on the HDD the DVD wont spin, so problem solved.

Chug2515d ago

Not all 360's have HDD's. Just sayin.

pswi602515d ago

I wonder if keeping it upright would work also, but then you have to worry about heat, and that leads to....well, you know...

Corepred42514d ago

How many full games can you install on those 4GB 360s that Microsoft bundled with Kinect?

poopface12514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

the only time I ever saw it was that video of the moron who moved the 360 from sideways to vertical while it was running. Someone on the internet saying something doesnt convince me. Im sure its possible, but many people will move the console while on and pretend like they did nothing wrong just to have their stupid mistakes rectified for free.

If im installing a game to my PC and I knock it over the same thing happens.

This isnt a problem for me I guess, as I keep my 360 sideways and will never have a kinnect, and my floor doesnt move when I jump up and down.

Ive never had any scratches on my games tho, none on my 360 games, PC games, or DC, Ps1, ps2, ps3, or xbox1 games. maybe im just lucky, but I also have never put my Consoles vertically, I think thats retarded because consoles are delicate and they could fall, and shake, easier that way in general.

Shouldnt this title be "playing Kinnect Can cause disk scratches", because the kinnect itself doesnt scratch the disks.

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rrw2515d ago

oh never knew that it was THAT cheap hardware

gypsygib2514d ago

It would cost MS five cents at most to totally eliminate any disk scratching problems by simply using a foam buffer in the DVD drive. Almost every other DVD drive has one, I see no reason why MS wouldn't include one as well.

5 cents!

eliasg2514d ago

Fanboys trying to devalue XBOX360 again. Nothing new here...

Corepred42514d ago

So if this turns out to be a real problem, you're saying there are tiny little sony fanboys elves that break into the 360 and are causing the problem?

Biggest2514d ago

That's cute. Blame fanboys for Microsoft being cheap with their console.

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FailOverHero2515d ago

Kinect scratches discs? Really? Seems illogical

Agent-862515d ago

The article didn't say Kinect was directly responsible, but rather that the combination of the cheap drive that the 360 uses plus the jumping around that Kinect games encourage may cause the disc scratching.

B-3122515d ago

That's pretty damn stupid if you ask me, you jump and your house shakes? Holy shit.

Aside that scratch is the famous scratch for moving the console while it's reading a disk.

Not from Kinect, is just the Xbox 360 and a stupid owner.

AssassinHD2515d ago

It is actually not completely implausible that the vibrations caused by continuous movement/jumping could contribute to the disc scratching, but I think that is probably a stretch.

Chug2515d ago (Edited 2515d ago )


Kyur4ThePain2515d ago

God, she might scratch the neighbors' disks.

Focker4202515d ago

I nearly vomit every time someone posts that picture.

iceman29292515d ago

i feel like if she lost 200 lbs she would be cute... maybe.

HeartDisease2515d ago

the article says 1 million reports of this happening, hard to think that many cases are "stretching" anything. of course they could have said a gizillion casses as its all meaningless internet speak without sources. only MS would know the actual number of cases reported to them, the real number is not quantifiable.

Dlacy13g2515d ago

yes I too would like to know their source for their comment:
There have been over a million reports of this happening since Kinect has released a few short months ago.