Blu-ray Region Encoding Causing Lost Exclusives?

With the next-gen video format war being based almost completely on exclusive titles, neither side can afford to lose them. However, Blu-ray's vigilant region encoding may potentially put the high definition medium at a disadvantage to Toshiba's competing HD-DVD format.

HD-DVD discs and players are region free, meaning that any disc will work on any player, regardless of where the disc was made. One of Blu-ray's security features (one that most studios prefer) is that is region encodes its discs. While making it's content more secure, this could turn out to be a snag to overcome.

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achira3903d ago

what bs. from a movie studios view is region code far better. and blu ray didnt lost any exclusives. lol, who makes this bs up ?

Rooftrellen3903d ago

What's a bluray exclusive one place isn't a bluray exclusive all over the world. I don't know which movies are distributed by who everywhere, but say in Australia, the company distributing Disney movies is neutral. As an American, and Disney movies here being bluray exclusive, I can get Pirates 3 from Australia on HD DVD because its not region coded.

Obviously, bluray let the exclusive slip though the cracks and become mine on HD DVD, and, thus, lost an exclusive.

Now say someone in Japan wants to watch Transformers on bluray, and Paramount's movies aren't on bluray there, either. That person must buy an HD DVD player, if he wants to watch the movie.

HD DVD did not lose an exclusive to this man.

cuco333903d ago

Pirates first mission when ripping a movie is to throw away any security features including region coding. To top it off region coding makes it harder for the consumer to get a movie to play in his American player (sans HD DVD thanks to region free coding).

Imagine going to Europe on vacation and picking up a movie on disk of a movie you saw there only to find out when you came back stateside it doesn't play in your US player and to watch it you have to buy a European player, and use a power converter to watch that 1 movie!

I understand why studios want region coding, because in the end $ talks and they fear losing $ due to illegal doings. Sadly the consumer gets shafted in the end. REGION FREE CODING FTMFW!!!

Marty83703903d ago

Both Blu-ray & HD DVD can be region locked or not, it's down too the studio's whether they use or not.

SWORDF1SH3903d ago

who is disagreed with this. its the truth. you look at the blu ray films and you will see that most of them are region free and theres a few that have got a region. therefore its up to the film companies if they want it region free or not. this story is total bs. another sh*t article has slipped through the n4g bs net again. is it me or is this happenin more and more?

whengeeksgobad3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

That is somewhat true, region coding can be can not only be determined by the group authoring the DVD, its also must be included in the technical specifications for that format. So put simply, its not just a decision made by the group authoring the dvd, its made by the hd-dvd or blu-ray governing bodies respectively as to whether or not their formats will carry that techical specification. *It would appear* that attempts to enforce region coding on HD-DVD have been stalled out and will not happen. The same cannot be said for Blu-Ray. Please, before flaming me about being an MS lover who loves my 360, know that this has nothing to do with sony and MS and everything to do with my love for region free movies. I very much appreciate the fact that I can by "BLUERAY ONLY" movies in HD-DVD from europe and they will work.

Although BluRay movies aren't all region free, I still view this as a problem of lack of standards. All region free or none is the way to go. Not this pick and choose garbage. Here's the most recent list I could find regarding BD movies and their regions. It should also be worth noting I think HD-DVD would suck just as much if they started confusing consumers with some region free movies and some not. At the moment, there is no region coding the HD-DVD specification and I hope they keep it that way. Props to the BD people if they remove region coding. I don't care who wins the format war, just that the best option for *US* as consumers does. Region free = consumers win IMO.

toughNAME3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

well this seems reasonable

But what I really want to know is how Sony keeps losing its exlusive GAMES

hazeblaze3903d ago

Too bad MGS4, FFXIII, Haze, & UT3 are still exclusive though, huh? You lose that argument real quick... b/c none of the ps3's AAA titles have lost exclusivity besides GTA.

Arkham3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

"On what planet?"

Well, for the 2007 year, this planet.

Edit - re: below: Maybe on your planet your comment would make a bit of sense. If you think that UT3 and Haze are going to be on the 360 before January 1st, you certainly haven't been following the news.

Don't be upset over timed-exclusivity. You'll have your games soon enough. You certainly can't be running out of games yet, so let us poor little PS3 players have some fun with these first, then you can play. Didn't your mamma teach you how to share?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3903d ago

That comment tells me more about you than all your comments combined.

toughNAME3903d ago

lol ok lets pretend Haze and Unreal are exclusives..

im talking about DMC4, ace combat, GTA, virtua fighter, etc

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AliC3903d ago

All the exclusives that MS have paid big bucks for?

Plenty of good games still to come for the PS3 exclusives or not.

Lex Luthor3903d ago

So you think Sony don't pay for exclusives?

Ur an idiot.

SWORDF1SH3903d ago

yeah sony do pay for exclusives. but the differance between sony and ms is that sony is more buisness like on there approach to it. ms jus buy everything for the sake of it, a bit like roman abramavich of chelsea football club. for those who dont kno who he is he is a russian billionaire who jus spends millions and millions on players to try and buy the league title. correct me if im wrong but thats pretty sh*t. and thats one reason i dont like ms, there attitude. $50M for extra gta4 content says it all. are they in it to say that theyve made the best console or to gloss everting over with money to get to the top. if they want to prove there the best then they should let the consoles do the talkin and not money and thank fu*k mr moore as gone.

darx3903d ago

Never realized that there were different degrees to buying something?

nekon3903d ago

Region coding is one of the features that SECURED so much support for Blu-ray IMO. While region free movies may be something that interests the consumer, we all know how little these companies care about us (Paramount).

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