Medal of Honor : Airborne Xbox 360 Review

Medal of Honor: Airborne doesn't reinvent the first person shooter genre, like they'd like us to believe, but it does look and feel so much fresher than the last game in the series. Thankfully, many of the frustrations have been ironed out, leaving the series totally reinvigorated and now up to the standards that you'd expect from a next-gen shooter.

"The AI consistently provide a robust challenge, throwing grenades at your feet with uncanny accuracy, running out the way and diving for cover when you lob a grenade in their direction; and intelligently fighting as a unit, closing in on you from all angles or backing off just when you thought you had them pinned down."

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bumnut3877d ago

nowhere near long enough.

may rent it

Excalibur3876d ago

I have been playing the game for a few hrs. every night for the last week
and I'm only about half way through.
Ya know when I read the folks beat any game in a few hrs they have to be playing on the easiest mode and making fast run to the finish line.

If I spend in upwards to $60.00 for a game I'm in no hurry to finish it.

Medal of Honor: Airborne is a very fun game.
If you like the Call Of Duty series you'll like this one better as it is a giant sandbox and you can do the missions in any order you wish with any game style you wish.
You can run and gun or stop and pop...your choice.

jonnyvito3876d ago

I played it on normal and it took 5hrs 25mins.

But, that is without trying to get all the upgrades and unlock achievements. Since then I've been going back into each campaign to unlock them. I really like the game, but it is fairly short.

JosefTor3876d ago

I'm not sure if the real game is like this or if my demo was broken but when I played this game it felt unrealistic because the enemies will just keep respawning and coming towards you. The only way to stop this forward movement of the enemy is to push through it and somehow that lets the game know to stop respawing new enemies. Seems a little unrealistic since the number of enemies in an area should be a set number.

Does anyone else notice this?