Will the Xbox 360 live or die by Halo 3?

Not long to go now Haloites. September 25th will see many folks hidden from social view as they "finish the fight" with Halo 3. The hype machine is building with the release date in sight. Does the future of the Microsoft games console hinge on Halo 3's success? Or will it just keep things ticking over until Gears of War 2?

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reaperxciv3748d ago

isn't the only game out there

ArduousAndy3748d ago

but the fact that halo3 is in line to break Halo 2 records for sales. I believe MS is an ok postion.

JsonHenry3748d ago

Who needs Halo when the Half-Life Orange box is coming out two weeks later?!?!

Half-Life 2 Orange > Halo 3

socomnick3747d ago

Yea im getting both halo and orange box :)

FirstknighT3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

The 360 has already been a sucess without Halo. Unlike the ps3 that is dying without its main guns MGS and GT. Halo 3 will only increase its next gen lead over the ps3.

Droynas3748d ago

What are you talking about? Like the man upstairs said: Sorry to say this but MGS isn't the only game out there. Stop talking BS plz...

VaNdAl3748d ago

sh$t box will die like you xbots

MaximusPrime3748d ago

Killzone 2 is going to be far superior than Halo 3. Xbox 360 cannot handle the power. HA A HAHA

kevin11223748d ago

Moronic fanboys like yourself are really stupid. How can you say the ps3 is dying when it is pretty much mirroring the 360's first year of sales with competition.

socomnick3747d ago

Yea the ps3 is in a bad position Its first AAA game will probably be mgs 4 I don't think killzone 2 will deliver. Killzone 1 didn't.

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synce3748d ago

It will die by Halo 3 because all the kids will be playing online for 10 hours a day until their console red-rings and MS gets a mass hardware failure (over 50%), turning people off from the console altogether. That's what - could - happen, anyway.

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