New Smash Bros Brawl Mode: Special Brawl

Today's Smash Bros update is another big one with Special Brawl, a new mode which allows you to edit the way you play the game to any way you want. Previously you could only choose one different variable such as Giant mode but now you can chop and change variables such as the Size of your characters, the type of body your characters have, gravity and speed of the game among others.

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fox_mccloud073846d ago

cool nice additional to ssbb all this week about items , pokemon , stages

scarlett_rg3845d ago

This game is going to get an insane amount of play-time!

People are still playing MELEE 6 years later!

Please oh please let it have onlne play! Pleeeease!

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Night4ll3845d ago

I've never played any multiplayer that has been as much fun as smash bros, and smash bros melee. Everytime I see an article about Brawl it seems time slows down even further, and that december 3rd will never get here... when this game comes out, I'm going to throw the ultimate Wii party... This game just has everything you could want. Now if only nintendo can hurry up and release the Wii headset already!!!

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