Microsoft isn't taking any chances with Halo's marketing plan

It goes without saying that Halo 3 is going to sell its fair share of copies when it's finally released this September. If you consider the 820,000 people that took part in the beta between May-June and the million-plus pre-orders tallied back in August, a lot of people seem to have Halo on their mind. After two successful games, you could say that Bungie's golden app pretty much sells itself these days. Nonetheless, Microsoft isn't one to take chances with its cash cow, and what better way to nurture that cow than to throw plenty of cash at it...

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3938d ago

What system do I need to buy to play this great AAA game?


I like your thinking...bubble 4 u

Mr Marbles3938d ago

Needs to take that money and advertise how great the 360 truly is, very few people know even half of it's features, if they did they wouldn't think the PS3 was so superior. I know a guy who didn't even know he could stream television to his 360 from his TV tuner in his PC. M$ marketing department is crap.

i Shank u3938d ago

been hearing ads on my local radio stations this week....halo 3's jammin up the airwaves