GT5 Prologue price undecided

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue's price is still to be decided, Sony said today, following a report on Dutch website Fok! which claimed the Blu-Ray edition would cost EUR 45.

In addition, reports that Sony was also unable to narrow a date down for Polyphony's eagerly awaited PS3 sequel. Current expectations are that both the PSN and Blu-Ray versions will be available before the end of 2007.

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greed3748d ago

regardless if it isn't too expensive i will be getting this

GT FANBOY!!!!!!! FTW damn i just realized that this f^cking website is converting me.....

Fighter3748d ago

This game is said to be released next month, right? I'll be getting the BD version for damage. I just fear it will cost me around $60. but I'll still buy it LOL.

7ero H3LL3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

If its 60$ pay for it or save up.........and if your broke tough sh!t.

but if you are just making enough and not to sure how much to spend
(this is for people who are just starting out with nothing)

try PGR4 it's fine for those who don't got the money (coming from a fan of both ps3 and 360).

MrFurious3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

The most fantastic race driving simulation I've ever seen !!!
It easily explodes Forza, PGR and Colin and co!!!
Look at these cars and animation, this is crazy!!!
Anyone saying X360 has better racing game, is simply bullshit and should clean his eyes. No way comparable, we are not playing at same level, this is true next-gen experience here!