PSP Firmware 3.71 Released

Sony just released firmware 3.71 for the PSP. What's new? Not so much - just a single bug fix.

* A correction has been made to the settings for some regions.

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INehalemEXI3906d ago

browsing pics while music plays is cool. Im waiting for listening to music while playing games on ps3.

Jdash243906d ago

hopefully that will come about with home

Ju3906d ago

Looks like a little but still significant change for the US. I just updated to 3.70 a couple of days ago. Maybe I missed the news, but there was a new XMB entry "Hot Spot", which actually allows you to download contents from a PSP wifi hot spot - and thru the internet. Looked like a mini PSN. I missed any reports about that, but it works with your home wifi as well. Problem was, I was connected to a (the ?) Japanese Hotspot and could actually download a Japanese demo (super monkey ball or what ? can't read Japanese). Seems that "Hot Spot" entry is gone again with 3.71.
Makes me wonder, why don't the have that for the US ?

Jdash243906d ago

yea i noticed the hotspot thing too but it said i had to be at a playstion spot to download videos, the US could really use it thou, they should really impliment it in the next update

Ju3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Yeah, it said that, but stupid as one is, I had to try to connect thru my home wifi. Well, did cost anything to try, right? :) Couldn't help it, had to press some buttons anyway. Well, did really connect. I was surprised. Took a while to download that game. But I still have it on my mem stick.

beast3906d ago

They have actually assigned all ps3 6axis control on your psp making playing ps3 games on psp on the road guranteed (beside lair ofcourse) including the right analog stick,R2,R3,L2,L3.

I dont understand why would they use lair with is almost 100% sixaxis motion game as the first psp-ps3 game via remote play.

deadshark13906d ago

i so cant wait for home do you think it will have the music whilst playing games funtion i dont know it will take a while to make that work i think but aybe sonys workin on it it shd come with that update a hope

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