Video: Halo 3 'Believe'

The latest Halo 3 video has just been released on the Marketplace. It's available in all regions.

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toughNAME3935d ago

i think its implying a Human win and a MC death

..which most expected

hopefully the video on friday will have some gameplay/cgi

ASSASSYN 36o3935d ago

Wow I thought you were a halo fan. You really didn't get the gist of that video did you. And master Chief isn't immortal. His death is inevitable. And spartans do retire from service and live a normal life. They are human you know.

That video was the perspective of a soilder during the video that aired during the super bowl. "I was in the turned over warthog firing the M521 (the gun name might be wrong) when I saw master chief arm his grenade(Shield grenade)."