PS3 Firmware 1.93 Out Now

Playstation 3 firmware version 1.93 is now available for download. However, it seems that people are having connectivity issues in an attempt to download the newest firmware. The alternative source takes you to the official Playstation forums were you can read accounts of download issues.

Also, here is the following error statement I received while downloading:

An error occurred during the download operation. A connection to the server cannot be established.(80028E07)


It seems traffic on Sony's servers have eased up a bit and I have just finished downloading the firmware. As previously expected, the update does nothing more but fix the networking issues seen with FW version 1.92.

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DeadIIIRed3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

At time of posting there was no other sources, but I just added an alternative source so that takes care of that.

At below: Yeah I understand your reasoning and it does violate the rules, but how long could I wait? Besides, this isn't some crazy rumor, but a general Playstation 3 user base consensus. I added the alternative link and will update as soon as I find anymore info worth mentioning.

NoUseMerc3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

PlayStation Boards or any forum for that matter does not follow the guidelines for articles.

Frulond3723d ago

give it a couple of min I'll let you know what is on it :p

DeadIIIRed3723d ago

I'm starting my fourth try right this second. And the bad thing about it is I can't play online until I can download it.

Frulond3723d ago

I had to restart it like 4 times too but installing now

FlamePhoenix3722d ago

@ to people having trouble:
go to settings, disable internet connection, restart, enable internet connection, download update, Done.

Jdash243723d ago

i just downloaded it, but it didnt have a list of whats new, just probably fixes the connection problems

Frulond3723d ago

yeah no list, just finished installing it.
hope it does solve the connectivity issues

Clinton5143723d ago

And they have to do with network congestion.

This update is merely a fix of what errors were in 1.92.

monkey6023723d ago

So basically this is yet another completely useless update for Europeans. GREAT!

Rageanitus3723d ago

Its a very small update.

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The story is too old to be commented.