Journalist slams video games for making people desensitized following NFL player paralysis

Journalist Bob Molinaro has pointed the finger at video games for desensitizing a whole generations reaction to NFL injuries in light of the recent paralysis Kevin Everett suffered following a huge hit. Molinaro argues games such as Madden 08 and NFL Blitz picture cartoon like violence in the NFL with fully blown blood and gore features which make people forget that football is very much real and the injuries that can result are real too. He implies that video games are encouraging extra big hits for amusement and that no one stops to think of the price the athletes will pay in the future because of our expecations from the virtual world.

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PimpHandHappy3910d ago

The guy that wrote this article is a pansy! B4 the days of Madden ppl where breaking there necks in the NFL.

If he wanted to say all these NFL players who play the game all day want to make more hit sticks plays then ok

The fact is

NFL players are bigger and faster then ever.

btw this isnt gamer news


bung tickler3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

thats why we pay them millions of fvcking dollars to play the damn game. tards. if this is true the same could be said about war games make us not care about our soldiers... but then again you know what? the fvcking volunteered to go... so again they can piss off.

DarkArcani3909d ago

Movies are more graphic because they show REAL people, not 3d models of people. TV also shows you things like broken arms, things video games can only simulate.

G_CodeMonkey3909d ago

but nobody ever thinks of those poor stunt men and women who risk it all just for our selfish viewing!!! (sarchasm off)

This guy apparently hasn't EVER played Madden--they (licensees) are so hamstrung by what they can and can't show. I hope his grasp for a "hot"/sensationalize d story gets his a$$ kicked from his editor-- and a lot of lost subscribers. How's that for de-sensitized? gCM

harpua3909d ago

[eye roll] x infinity

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The story is too old to be commented.