Developer Afterthoughts: Heavenly Sword

With Heavenly Sword now out on store shelves (well, sorta), PSU thought it would be great to get some comments from one of the games developers and afterthoughts on their feelings about the game and how it's being accepted by the public.

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nasim3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

imagine battling 1000 enemies per screen .


truely epic briliant graphics.HS makes all x360 games look like wii games

heavenly sword has a critic average of 81%

Just today USATODAY gave it 9.0 /10
techtree gave it 9.0/10
Gamerevolver gave it 9.0/10

so if u include those scores HS gets an 8.7.

***************************** ************

PLAY has given HS a 10/10

EUROPEAN WEBSITES have mostly given HS atleast a 9 (not included in metecritic/gamerankings)

Tilt has given HS a 10/10
PSXEXTREME has given HS a 9+/10
NEXTGENIRELAND has given HS a 9.7/10
DOUPE CZ has given HS a 10/10
CVG has also given HS a 9/10 (watch out for their website update since i have their mag score)

HS is the GOTY 2007

nice_cuppa3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Playstation Official Magazine UK
Though it's mostly good, often excellent and technically spectacular, as a wannabe movie this can't help but fall short of heavenly.

plus 6/10 from edge and gamer(tm)

trane073932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Crap like this goes to show how desperate the 360 fanboys truely are. Funny how you decide to take a negative review from a playstation magazine but like a fanboy fool, disregard the others. But its not an uncommon thing. you damn fanboys do it all the time. Its funny to see exactly how far you asshole devotees will go. Its SO damn funny.

This is what tells alot

heavenly sword has been reviewed worldwide by 21 reputable sites and only 5 scores are below 75.

But you damn fanboys see only what you want right? lol.

Stella3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

LOL, how pathetically desperate!

Trying to pass off the 'review' from the place where that miserable little Xbot Rob Smith managed to get hired!

google Rob Smith Xbot to see for yourselves...

nice_cuppa3932d ago

official Playstation magazine.

if anyone was going to give high scores its them.

the independent mags need to keep interest or nobody buys their mags.

the fact is i tend to go by edge and gamer(tm) reviews.

they both gave it a 6 !

we all know its a 6-8 hour game.
we all know it has no co-op.
we all know it has no multi-player.
we all know it has very little replay value.

but it has great cutscenes.
this means nothing to me though as i want a game to play a game.
if i want to watch a movie i watch a movie.

if this is a $30/£25 game i'm fine with it.
if its full price its blockbuster all the way !

Stella3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

nice_cuppa doesn't know that everyone knows that Microsoft managed to get a foaming at the mouth Xbot hired as Editor in Chief of Playstation Official Magazine!

What a moron!

Go away nice_cuppa you idiot.

trane073932d ago

Funny how you say you only go by edge, but when bioshock recieved its lowest score "an 8" from them, you damn near slit your wrists. Quit fanboying and grow the hell up.

m91058263932d ago

UGH! Why are people so damn hung up on Online and Muiltiplayer?!? It's a single-player game, meant to be enjoyed alone, not some d-bag frat boy hump-fest. Not every game is meant to be ruined by teenage mic-spammers, some aspire to loftier goals, like a story. It's all the "new" gamers who are pushing the industry into this pit of mediocrity. Games used to be about story, and the only real multiplayer games were fighting games and co-op games like Contra. I would kill to leave most newer 3D games behind in favor of at least a few HUGE 2D games where the money could be better placed towards a writing team. /rant

Seriously though, Gears was only 6-7 hours on my first playthrough, and about 5 now. Halo 3 is supposedly not much more. Who does HS get gimped because of it's play time? Play it on nightmare, I can assure you it will take more than 6-7 hours to beat. You'll probably go through a few controllers too. And that's where the AI will shine.

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nice_cuppa3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

6 hours of gameplay.
no co-op.
no multi-player.
limited replay value and a full retail price is great !

Violater3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

when people like you troll it to no end.
It shows envy.

hahahahaa I have to laugh to rass claat.

those damn flashing red lights would make anyone delirious.

trane073932d ago

When the fanboys come trolling over a generally well received ps3 title. Even harsh ol' gamespot said the game was pure fun.

nice_cuppa3932d ago

you go pay full price for this game.

i'm renting it.

when Playstation 3 is flooded with 6 hour single player only games we know who to blame.

i cant wait for the weak after launch.

i might pick it up second hand as there will be lots of copies.

oh and you really think that because i feel let down and choose to voice my opinion that makes this a better game !

wow !

trane073932d ago

Really they have. You can't rent on something you don't have. Please. Quit while you're ahead before you make yourself look EVEN MORE like an ass. Just quit it. Its embarrassing. It truely is.

WIIIS13932d ago

There are some people who just can't accept constructive criticism. Truth is HS is only a decent game, too short on content, too much emphasis on cinematics, nothing particularly outstanding in gameplay. But it is one of the best that PS3 has to offer so far, so the overenthusiasm from the fanboys can be forgiven.

Barreldragon003932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

Sorry if i don't accept any criticism from a guy who's name is BS3

Edit: spelled accept wrong as pointed out below.

RonDeMuerte3932d ago

Could you be any more of a hypocrite??

WIIIS13932d ago

I suppose you also won't "accept" my criticism that your command of the language is not too good because the word you were looking for should be "accept" and not "except", but that's only to be expected from an unwavering fanboy.

Barreldragon003932d ago

How does bad spelling make me a fanboy in any way, all it proves is that i sux at spelling (suck* sorry must be my fanboyism showing). I hate trolls like you who obviously don't own a PS3 talk bad about a game just because its not on your favorite platform. I only have a PS3 but you don't see me going into the xbox section and point out all the negative stuff on your games/console because i know how annoying little F#cks like you are. The game is short i accept that but so was Bioshock and you don't see people complaining about that because it was a great game and so is Heavenly Sword. welcome to my ignore list (your my first one that should make you feel special)

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PimpHandHappy3932d ago

i found a new troll for my ignore list

Yea i like when fanboys pick and choose what they read.

welcome to my ignore list

PimpHandHappy3932d ago

go read game informer

The say the combat is great


this is the last time i see your words

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