Beautiful Katamari TGS 07 Screens

Microsoft releases a fresh batch of screenshots from Beautiful Katamari, the latest installment in Namco's quirky and addictive Katamari Damacy series.

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JsonHenry3748d ago

So I tried this game and I have NO idea why anyone would waste their time on it.

kn3748d ago

The previous versions have enjoyed a rabid (although small) following. It is strangely addictive once you start to plan things out and focus on the environment. I thought the whole idea was stupid but after playing the game, I enjoy it for what it is -- mindless entertainment. I am thoroughly disappointed, however, that they didn't up the graphics significantly... If the title is priced any more than $20-25, I don't think it is worth it because it truly is a port in every sense of the word.

riksweeney3748d ago

Which is why the gaming industry is going to collapse in the next couple of years. People will only play FPS and racing games and games that try to do anything new or different will fall by the wayside.

Apparently, if it doesn't have a rocket launcher or a racing car in it, then the game's not worth playing.