Resistance: Fall of Man new update

A couple of bugs fixed but the big change is Human versus Human is back!

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gamesR4fun3517d ago

great story but the link leads to forum that requires registration.

DrPirate3517d ago

Either I'm retarded, or nowhere on that forum does it say they released an update to Resistance... I'm going and turn it on to verify the merit of this story.

I reported it for a reason.....

Satanas3517d ago

Yeah the last update to that post was in early July.

jodonn083517d ago

yea i cant find it either, can someone help me out

BigKev453517d ago

Who cares, I didn't think the game was that great.

CaliGamer3517d ago

Another troll with nothing constructive to say, how sad I feel for all the people who know you on a personal level.

Satanas3517d ago

Who cares about your opinions, all your comments are spam.

sajj3163517d ago

blah blah blah ... right to post ... blah blah blah ...

Tyrael3517d ago

Lol i remember when I used to call this game "Resistance: Fall of PS3" right around the launch of the console. Got to try it out for a few minutes, I was actually pretty impressed. Heavenly Sword looks great too, i know thats off topic but im glad to see the PS3 getting some decent exclusives as well as updates for its main launch title. Killzone 2, anyone?

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The story is too old to be commented.