Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed in Crisis Core?

Look into the stars, what do you see? A Final Fantasy VII remake on the horizon maybe? Look at the images at the link for the ending to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (no major spoilers, you've seen most of it before).

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Umbrella Corp3721d ago

i would kill to see sephiroth in hd!

Rythrine3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Sepiroth and Odin in HD for me :)

Edit: @ Risk

Lol, Shiva would look good in HD though I can't remember her FF7 animation cuz I barely use her since her magic was weak. Oh yeah, Neo Bahamut will be awesome in HD as well.

risk3721d ago

pfft all u f4gs thinking about guys. ITS ALL ABOUT SHIVA!


I don't know the timeline, but Crisis Core isn't placed before Final Fantasy VII? Maybe it's only that...

But, still ,with or without the validation of Crisis Core ending, I hope for a FF VII remake on the PS3, would just be great! And I'll play Crisis Core while waiting.

Droynas3721d ago

This game is set before FF VII so I this rumor is gaga. They only mean that the story will go on if you play FF VII.

Sure everyone hopes for a remake, including me. I would love for a remake to be done. And I'm almost sure that there will be one but not right now. Just look at all the new games they are working on right now. In the future, let's say 4-5 years, there will be a remake. But you who are thinking that Square is working on one in secret will be disapointed..

TriggerHappy3721d ago

Downloading Crisis Core right now. It has been released btw, in jap lang though

TeaDouble_E3721d ago

What do you mean downloading Crisis Core ?

TriggerHappy3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Torrent has been released....but will be getting the game when it launches in the US.

spammy_nooo3721d ago


HAHA just kidding i do it to.(or do I???)

now i just need to learn japanese... maybe i should wait :)

Honestly though, how could square NOT remake FFVII? it'd be a f*cking money train for them. plus it would move BILLIONS of ps3's so more people would buy other games they are making for it as well. there is no downside to a remake as long as they dont make any stupid changes.

chanto233721d ago

Can you give me a link or something?? this might make me buy a new PSP...

Bnet3433721d ago

If you do it, it makes the PSP way better then a DS. It's the only reason I got a PSP, for that kind of thing. I don't play japanese game so I'll wait for US version.

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Well, I don't "download", just wait the American or European version then I'll buy it...

WilliamRLBaker3721d ago

yeah the torrent is

AS for that...*shakes head* its just sad that square is gonna remake that game, It sucked in my personal opinion...but thats just that opinion, Whats even sadder is how much they are milking that game, There has been an anime, an 3rd person shooter *which sucked and thats not opinion* an snow boarding mobile game, This game...Appearances in tactics, An CGI animated movie...another mobile game released in japan, another mobile game with a ""lost"" episode of the 3rd person shooter, they are making a sequal to the 3rd person sucky shooter....

its just sad...
Instead of puting all they're effot into new ip's new final fantasies, Or hell REmaking actual good games *ff6, or chrono trigger* they remake this stuff and make endless spinoffs...sad sad *shakes head*

Above is personal opinion if u dont like it. then....tough:)

Demon19803721d ago

Who gives a fauk? I also do not see how it is sad...? If it makes them money...why not? They are a business, are they not. And if this game is anywhere near as good as the original, it will sell millions.

B Man3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Final Fantasy is one of the longest running game series to-date, and it's showing no signs of stopping any time soon. You go ask any kid under the age of 16, maybe even older if he'd ever play a PS1 game, and you'd probably get a "NO, those graphics are so crappy and old!". It makes sense to remake the best Final Fantasy game ever made (I realize that's not how you feel, but the majority believe the best to be FF7) and give the younger generations the same great experience we had. I'm still a retro gamer at heart, hell I played through FF7 again just last winter, but i'm no fool. The majority of kids who didn't grow up in that era won't give the time or day to play something outdated.

As for them milking.. yes they milked it after deciding to make the movie, but the movie had been begged to be made by the fans, it wasn't just some ploy to make more money. The fact that a company actually listened to it's fans is a GREAT thing, not something to sneer at. I could care less about the spin-off games though as well, Final Fantasy is an RPG series, don't turn the franchise into another Mario franchise that touches every genre.

edit- Oh, and I hope they don't remake Chrono Trigger. I honestly can't see how they could turn a 2D game into a 3D game and call it a remake. The entire game would be COMPLETELY different. Atleast with FF7 it would still be the same world dimensionally, just updated graphics.

Biphter3721d ago

Just curious as to what you think of Nintendo and their Mario Franchise......

commadore653721d ago

Chrono trigger would benefit more from a remake than ff7.

they remade ff3 in 3d, and are doing 4 now. Those 2d games are great too but surely the kids you're talkin of are more likely to give a 3d game a chance than a 2d one.

also ff7 had static backgrounds how often did the camera move about when out of battle? so the same changes in gameplay would apply as in chrono trigger.

rev203721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

HAHAHAHA funniest thing ive read all this week

What about Halo 1,2,3 halo wars.

haha what a hypocrite halo mountain dew for god sake, but that games allowed to do it haha.

I mean come on i know your bias as hell but that comment is just plain stupid many games base stuff around a succesful franchise.

A remake will sell so well so why not its still the best game ever made in alot of peoples minds.

B Man3720d ago

I still enjoy the platform marios, mario galaxy looks amazing... but i'm sick and tired of these "Mario Tennis, Mario Baseball, Mario Party", ect...

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