Latest Famitsu Review Scores, MGS: Portable Ops Plus Reviewed

Here are the latest review scores out of Japan's Famitsu Magazine.

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Greysturm3905d ago

MGS loved by everyone except people with shiny green googles

TeaDouble_E3905d ago

Who cares about the person with shiny green googles lolololololol .

DiggerMario23905d ago

So why is a PSP announcement in the DS and Wii sections......

cooke153905d ago

because it involves more than just PSP if you click the link, it has DS and Wii scores as well. We cant have a different article with different headlines each time. MGS is the biggest game reviewed so its in the headline.

Satanas3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

question: does Famitsu do decimal scores? If not then three 9s is excellent.

TeaDouble_E3905d ago

Will this game come out for the US . I know this is the second version of the same game, but I need to know.

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