FASA Studio Closes Doors

The rumors were true. Shadowrun developer FASA Studio has indeed closed its doors with studio manager Mitch Gitelman confirming the news on the official Shadowrun community forums today. According to Gitelman, today was the last official day of work for employees still at FASA, with many former FASA team members moving on to other positions at Microsoft Game Studios.

Rumors about the studio's closure surfaced in March of this year, well before Shadowrun shipped, when a former FASA worker wrote of an employee exodus and that decision makers would "cut the tumor that is FASA Studio from the body of Microsoft."

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ktchong3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

The creator of BattleTech, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, and Crimson Skies, and developer of MechWarrior, MechCommander, MechAssault, and Crimson Skies video games.

Is no more.

Xi3743d ago

Microsoft still owns the intuectual property from Fasa studios. If I by the rights to the studio I buy the rights to the games. It just means that the team behind the games are gone. So crimson skies can still be made, it would just be from a different dev, like how ensamble is making a halo game.

ASSASSYN 36o3743d ago

You assume too much. Those games can still be made.

Dannagar3743d ago

It's always sad when game studio's close their doors. I was sad when Acclaim closed down and they sucked.

Omegasyde3743d ago

Acclaim didn't really close down. They shifted from Console games to sh**ty online cpu games. They are making some profit, but not as much from NBA Jam or the first two Turok's.

Too bad they milked thier games for all they were worth and added absolutely no innovation. (sounds like EA game huh?)
Turok Evolution, Vexx, shadowman 2 were horrible.
I was big fan of turok too.

socomnick3743d ago

Maybe this is good news no more shadowrun's

DrRage773743d ago

this is a sad day as i was really hoping for a future Crimson Skies title for the xbox360....maybe MGS will spear head that title sometime in the future, as it was one of my all-time favorites on the original xbox

DrPirate3743d ago

It is sad, Shadowrun had great potential... They were a good developer.

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The story is too old to be commented.