Dark Sector exclusive movie

Dark Sector, the weird Resi 4-a-like where your hand is also a razor-sharp boomerang of death, is predictably pursuing a plot line of odd science and dark experiments. And, as this fresh video illustrates, some of the chaps you'll meet will be odd scientists in dark places. Nice.

Seriously, though, Dark Sector looks nice. It's got vicious weapons, bio-mechanical man-machine goodness and lots and lots of high-tempo action in gritty East European locales. All you need for a love-in with the missus, then

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PlayStation3603720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I don't know why more folks ain't taking about this game. It seems promising. Kinda reminds me a mixture between Resi4 and Gears. First day purchase for me. However, I'm having a real problem deciding which console to get this game for.

dk_2kx3720d ago

i personally like this kind of game, and this one do seems promising, but only time will tell, we'll have to wait 4 the game to come out and c wich 1 have the best gameplay and graphics.


I know its fallen off of mine ever since they decided to change up the plot, location and all of that. I mean it still looks like a decent game for those of you who are interested.

This game has just seem to have lost its edge in the shuffle of great games. Anywho, I do wish it well, an maybe some more info could coerce me to change my mind.

ShiftyLookingCow3720d ago

the original plot with stealth elements in a sci fi setting was far more exciting than what it is now, also its first trailer was the first next gen trailer


Being the first Next Gen video, they could have made a killing if they would have kept with the original theme. It looked like MGS, crossed with Abes Exodus, Crossed with Psi Ops.

This dude, had a cyborg suit, with dual guns, used stealth, telekinesis to take away weapons, and took over Enemy AI to use against the enemy with some sort of device. All of that = Kick ass Game.

Maybe someone else will come out with a game like what they started ? Oh well


I have dreams about being able to sit down the developers and tell them how wrong they were to scrap their old concept.

while this sounds interesting, it just does not feel new for some reason....the whole eastern euro, dark grity feel thing....

now the old trailer, i can't think of anything i have seen that looked that cool in a very long time.

I mean that was cool in a way that it does not remind me of any other game i can think off.

i wish they had stuck with that..

heavyarms3720d ago

looks more like a robotcop remake, if that is the case, a must buy for me

viper13720d ago

cant wait for this game but i'm going to need some serious cash to buy all the cool games that are coming up for the 360 for the rest of this year and next aarrrhhhh!!