Exploring GNU/Linux on PlayStation 3

It has been public knowledge since before the launch of the PlayStation 3 that it is capable of installing a GNU/Linux operating system. But how is this done and why would we want to do it? PSU examines the reasons for installing Linux on the PS3 and illustrates how well the console fits the role of a general purpose computer.

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gamesR4fun3726d ago

Cool stuff set mine up with a ubuntu distro for ps3 (xubuntu cause its very light) and I gotta say for some stuff like surfing the web and word processing its better than my pc (dual core 2gig ram and a 512 vid card with xp pro)
The installation is very simple just set up the partition via the ps3 other os option throw in the disk and 20 mins later your on a brand new linux box.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3726d ago

I was thinking by now someone would have said,

"I'm buing a conole not som sh*t compter lolz101."

Well for one I think its a great idea if you have a browser to the Ps3 just more things you can do with it.

FA-SHO3726d ago


razer3726d ago

The Hypervisor protection cripples it down to complete lameness..

Ju3726d ago

I have YDL running, but added a Bluetooth keyboard recently, which I couldn't get running. I like it, but need to strip down more. Maybe XUbuntu is the right one (?). Anyone got a Bluetooth KB running in Linux ?

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