Wii Shortage Over In Tokyo, For Now

Chris Kohler from Wired writes :

"Wii might still be difficult to track down in the US, but in Japan, the crazy demand seems to have abated. Visiting several major retail outlets in Tokyo, I found that most of them had Wii in stock on Tuesday morning.

This isn't to say that the tide is turning and that Wii is about to become less popular. It's still the hot game console -- all the stores that had it in stock had large advertisements outside the store telling people to come on in and buy one."

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resistance1003907d ago

Its been like this in the UK since feb/mar, heck gamestation even cut the price of the wii

Jdash243907d ago

probably because most people in japan already have one

PS360WII3907d ago

Dang so now the Wii is just like the 360 and PS3 readily available. I'm sure someone is going to be able to spin it in a bad way, but being able to walk into a store and buy a Wii is something that Nintendo has been trying to do. So good for them if they are able to produce as many Wii's as demand asks for.

kn3907d ago

Here come the OMFGWTFBBQ teh wii suxors its doomed!!11! Teh fad iz overz!1!!

It will be interesting to see how all three consoles track through the holiday season.

ItsDubC3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Agreed, there are some great games coming out this holiday season for every console, and I'm looking forward to the sales figures released in January.

As for the Wii shortage being over in Tokyo, I suppose that's good news for Nintendo. There were reports that supply constraints on Wii parts were preventing them from ramping up Wii production in preparation for the holiday season. With supply finally meeting demand in Tokyo, this may allow Nintendo to divert more Wii units to NA for the holidays despite not being able to significantly increase their overall production rate.

kn3907d ago

I think they are already diverting stock to the U.S. as the numbers in the U.S. seem to be up. Though I've seen stock a couple of times here in Texas very recently, they still sold out very, very quickly and I haven't seen anything since. Nintendo may also feel like they have a big enough lead in Japan right now that diverting to the U.S. is a smart move. There are 4 or 5 Wii games that are on my current have-to-have list through Christmas and at least that many on my 360 list. I don't know if I'll have my PS3 by Christmas or not but there are a couple on there as well. Too many games... Not enough time or money....

ItsDubC3907d ago

I know they diverted Wii stock to the US in preparation for Metroid Prime 3's launch but you're right, any Wii stock here in TX (I'm in north Houston) flies off the shelf quick. I haven't actually seen any Wii's since MP3's launch.

What surprises me the most is what resistance100 said, that Wiis have been on shelves in the UK since early this year. As far as I know though, both gaming hardware and software is more expensive in EU (someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) which may adversely affect demand over there.

crck3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Wii sales have been dropping like a rock for the last month and a half in Japan. From a high of 110k units to 39k last week. Its the Wii fanboys that were spinning the data. Saying they must have diverted all those units to the US. No one shifts 60% of shipments from one area to another unless demand is no longer there.

unsunghero283907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

Yeah, those lying bastards...

But w/e, I think everyone in Japan thinks Super Mario/Super Smash/Fire Emblem/BWii/Forever Blue > Halo 3 and Haze

crck3907d ago

But the only reason to divert units from one area to another is because of excess supply in one territory(Japan in this case). Fanboys were saying they were shorting Wii hungry Japanese to favor the US. Which is ridiculous. Supply has exceeded demand for Wiis in Japan which is why they did it. But I give you props for at least responding before clicking "disagree".

ItsDubC3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

I don't think Michael Pachter would appreciate you calling him a Wii fanboy.

Having excess supply in one region is not the ONLY reason to divert supply away from it. The Metroid Prime series is very popular in the western world and it makes sense for Nintendo to divert supply away from Japan to the US in preparation for the release of a game that could very well be a major system-seller in the US. Pachter bases his argument that Wiis are being diverted away from Japan to the US on the fact that US sales had seen a significant increase despite the fact that Nintendo has reportedly been unable to increase worldwide production levels.

I do understand your argument that if Wiis are being sold out in Japan then there should be no reason to divert units to the US, but a simultaneous increase of Wii supply in the US and the release of MP3 would not only keep Wii sales stable, but more importantly would have a significant positive effect on software sales boosted by sales of MP3.

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