PlayStation Blog: Heavenly Sword Is Here & New TV and Theater Ad

This week marks the release of Heavenly Sword - and after months of anticipation, weeks of "making-of" videos and the annimated prequels, PS Blog is fired up to see the game make its way to store shelves.

Considered one of the most anticipated PS3 titles of the year, the buzz around Heavenly Sword continues to build as review scores begin to pour in from leading gaming sources. A sampling of the scores thus far include: Play Magazine – 10/10, Game Pro Magazine – 4.5/5, Game Informer Magazine – 8.75/10, Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine – 8.33/10, – 8.8/10, and - 8/10.

Here's what they're saying:

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Went to Game Stop today, and they don't got it yet. rrrggghhh
Guess I have to wait untill tomorrow


xplosneer3600d ago

Still pondering whether to pick it up or not, I got enough games to keep me satisfied for a while....

Oh BTW Related Items:Nintendo DS(Coral Pink and white model)
Nintendo Wii controller.

ActionBastard3600d ago

I don't know if I can drop $60 on a game I'll beat over the weekend. I want it, but maybe it's just worth a rental?

neogeo3600d ago

This is the game to show off your Mart like friends when they come over.
PS3 has twice the juice of 360

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