IGN iPod nano Review

The third generation of the iPod nano has arrived, brining long expected features like video support and a Cover Flow interface to the portion of the iPod market that prefers the more diminutive players in family. The new nano also ditches the tall and thin proportions that characterized previous versions in favor of an iPod classic styled short and squat stance that earned it the "fatty" nick when early spy shots blew its cover before last week's Apple unveiling. Now freely available in the wild, the new iPod nano is virtually guaranteed to be a successful product, yet, as is Apple's wont, it is by no means the most fully featured device in its class.

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SKUD3877d ago

The Apple i-pod nano vagina. Thats right folks, i said vagina.

JosefTor3877d ago

Is it me or are these uglier then current Ipod Nanos? I have a current gen. Nano and think it looks superior to this. I don't care if my small screen can't play videos. You buy the Nano for the music and small size in my opinion.

TheExodus3876d ago

I held onto my 1st gen Nano because I didn't like the mini-ized 2nd gen Nano's, but the 3rd gen Nano isn't aesthetically pleasing to look at & appears as though it would be quite awkward to operate. But it's all good because my iPhone has taken over my iPod's functions quite nicely.