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2011: The Best New Games You Haven't Heard Of

The low-key masterpieces of 2011 that you probably don’t know about, and why you have to play them. - "If you didn’t pick up Grasshopper Manufacture’s original No More Heroes on Wii then you really missed out. It’s one of the slickest, hilarious and brutal beat-em-ups of this generation. The tale of a hopeless Otaku anime geek turned assassin, No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise is an HD, completely re-mastered version with PlayStation Move support, for all your beam katana duelling needs. No, it’s not a lightsaber; it’s a beam katana alright? Let’s not get the lawyers involved." (Child of Eden, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, Journey, No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, PS3, Sine Mora, Spelunky, The Witness, Xbox 360)

Arup02  +   1575d ago
Damn, No More Heroes will be out for PS3 and 360? Amazing!
And i have high hopes for Okamiden, since Okami was one of the most brilliant games that i've played in a long time.
Godmars290  +   1575d ago
No More Heroes is already on the 360/PS3 in Japan - the EU? - but for whatever reason thought only the PS3 version was coming to the US.

This console gen is wholly screwed up.
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TheLastGuardian  +   1575d ago
Outland should be on the list. It's not getting much hype but it looks like it will be a great downloadable title. It must be so unknown that the guy who wrote this article hasn't even heard of it yet.

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Relientk77  +   1575d ago
I watched the Outland video and it definitely looks interesting. I'll have to remember that one
CrescentFang  +   1575d ago
Oh, I thought Konami wasn't bringing over the 360 version? Anyways now everyone can play No More Heroes :)

Also does anyone know the manga, Miyuki?
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LoaMcLoa  +   1575d ago
No, but appearantly it's something about rape, murder and rotten appartments.
Magic_Spatula  +   1575d ago
Grasshopper Manufacture is working on a way to make it work with the Kinect. So a 360 version is in the works, it hasn't been official yet. Loved NMH 1 on the Wii, but since I don't have my Wii anymore, I'm getting the PS3 version cuz that's the only system I have right now besides a PC.
MajestieBeast  +   1575d ago
Journey indie game of 2011 for sure.
IRetrouk  +   1575d ago
from dust and journey have me most excited from that list, child of eden as well.
FrankMcSpank  +   1575d ago
Child of Eden looks so amazing. I love the HD tripping and in the integrated videos of that girl. This I am getting on PS3, I hope for some sort of support of motion. I know it uses the DS3, but I hope for Dual Move or Eye motion. This is a simple motion so however they implement it, it should be fine. The visuals are mindblowing.

Journey and Dust look great. I know little of Dust, but I am getting Journey day one because I love thatgamecompany and Flower is still my all time favorite downloadable game this generation.
IRetrouk  +   1574d ago
i will also be buying child of eden on ps3 due to the fact that i refuse to buy kinect, and plus the previews of child of eden using kinect have been pretty bad, it dosnt really work too well, from what i have read, plus even the developer made a slip up saying at first it was difficult to play then changing it to different to play.
Ratchet510  +   1575d ago
what ever xbox has is garbage because it better on ps3 like always o and no more heros not going to 360 because they want to test the game on ps3 with the move because it is more powerful than the 360 and you could put more in it, lol you wish you got this game just like epic mickey going to ps3 now and not 360 because they know the kinect is crap and it will die in 2011.
j-blaze  +   1575d ago
You sir, fail soo EPICALLY that even Epic Fail wouldn't cover it...disgusting filth like you shouldn't be existed on earth. congrats...
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Ratchet510  +   1575d ago
im just anoying people lol.
Relientk77  +   1575d ago
I really want Ni No Kuni
the game looks like a great RPG and I love the way it looks
skyward  +   1575d ago
Agree, the visual style looks amazing. Hope it plays well too. Journey also looks great - can't wait for both of them
FrankMcSpank  +   1575d ago
I want Ni No Kuni on PS3 with Move support like the DS does with the touchscreen. After seeing that awesome Sorcery gameplay trailer, I want go motion in an adventure or RPG game. I hope that 300+ page book comes to the states with NNK's DS/PS# version. I watched the unboxing. The book is like Fallout's Strategy guide. Everything is in there, from all the spells to recipes and more. Day one.
j-blaze  +   1575d ago
Asura's Wrath anyone? the trailer was epic and ridiculously crazy !
also Shadows of the Damned, Project Dark and SH8...all of them are low-key masterpieces that no one is talking about coming this year hopefully...
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Venox2008  +   1575d ago
if people won't buy No more heroes, I'm gonna scream so load, that I will be heard by penguins in antarctic :) really people, buy it..

p.s. can't wait for: Ni no kuni, Okamiden
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strickers  +   1575d ago
Pretty poor list.Most of us have heard of Journey,No More Heroes,Child of Eden and all those Kinect games are complete unknown quantities.How can they be in best games,when they haven't even been previewed by anyone?
Stupid list,not well thought out.
TABSF  +   1575d ago
Spelunky is also on PC

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