The Most Fun Games of 2010

G News - 2010 has been a hell of a year for games. We’ve seen some incredible long awaited releases (such as the end of the 12 year wait for StarCraft 2), the emergence of some huge surprise hits and also witnessed once-beloved franchises such as Rock Band crash and burn.

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-Mezzo-2513d ago

Alot of games provided me endless hours of joy, but GT5 tops them all. (FOR ME).

tacosRcool2513d ago

And don't forget Bad Company 2 and the other tons of games that came out last year

Quagmire2513d ago

Split/Second and Just Cause 2. Other games were great, and epic, but those two are in a crazy-fun league of their own.

-Mezzo-2513d ago

I missed out on Split/Second so i can't agree with you on that one, but Just Cause 2 was amazing.

FunAndGun2513d ago

agreed....Just Cause 2 doesn't get any recognition. The game is HUGE and really fun.

Arup022513d ago

Just cause 2 is one of the most fun sandbox games you'll find in the market. Tons of fun

CrzyFooL2513d ago

Weed + Just Cause 2 = Wooooooooooooooooo

PaPa-Slam2513d ago

I enjoyed a lot of games this year including : Bad Company 2, GOWIII, Heavy Rain, Just Cause 2, Split/Second..... & so many more,

Valay2513d ago

Many enjoyable games on the list, but Super Mario Galaxy 2. That game was pure fun. Trimmed the fat, no story or anything... just focused on the great gameplay.

LMS2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

StarCraft 2 for me hands down, came out July 27th, played it today for like the 200th hour most likely

Nothing else has offered me the value or depth that sc2 has in the last 4 years since oblivion.

here's hoping elder scrolls 5 will be on par!

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The story is too old to be commented.