Official - Wii Takes Console Lead with 9m Wiis, 8.9m Xbox units and 3.7m PS3s Sold

Cumulative sales of Nintendo's Wii have overtaken those of the Xbox 360, making it the world's best-selling next-generation games console in spite of having been on the market a year less than Microsoft's machine.

According to sales data from each console's launch through to the end of July (or the end of August in Japan), consumers have bought 9m Wiis, 8.9m Xbox units and 3.7m PS3s. The data is based on sales figures from Enterbrain in Japan, NPD Group of the US and GfK of Germany, which tracks European sales.

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TriggerHappy3906d ago

9m Wiis, 8.9m Xbox units and 3.7m PS3s !?

So then what the hell was all the talk about 14 million and such about ? Is this accurate ? Am very confused

Lightning Mr Bubbles3906d ago

I thought they supposely had 10 million at the end of 2006?? Thanks to Gears of War.

You hear false numbers all the time.

hazeblaze3906d ago

These are the numbers sold to consumers. The numbers that Sony, Microsoft, & Ninty give us are the number sold to retail partners.

Hower, it is surprising to see that the 360 hasn't even hit 9M after 2 years on the market though!

D R Fz3906d ago

"If those numbers seem low, it's because they are for consoles that have been sold, not shipped. Typically, hardware makers tout the number of consoles they have shipped into the retail channels, not numbers of actual consoles sold. In July, Microsoft announced it had shipped 11.5 million 360s, short of its self-imposed 12 million-unit goal. In May, Sony said it produced 5.5 million PS3s worldwide, though it has since changed its tracking method to account for consoles sold instead of made. Reps for Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony had not responded to requests for comment on the Times piece as of press time."

HungryHooligan3906d ago

I live in South Africa and i dont think we included, yes we are fairly insignificant. But if you add all the insignificant countries together, it should be a million or two. Like what about Australia, new zealand, South America?

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tonsoffun3906d ago

It'll be summit to do with shipped.sold to customers type thing...

ASSASSYN 36o3906d ago

LOL WTf none of those numbers are accurate fake! In fact I am not even reading this right now it isn't real. FAke! lol.

DJ3906d ago

The Wii surpassed the 360 back at around E3. I wonder what the figures look like right now.

power of Green 3906d ago

Not even 4 million for PS3?, this can't be right.

SmokeyMcBear3906d ago

not even 9 million 360's.. this can be right, especially when you guys were throwing around 12 million 9 months ago..

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