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Submitted by BIoodmask 1793d ago | opinion piece

Benchmarking Gran Turismo 5 vs. Forza 3

After its much-anticipated — and delayed — arrival, Gran Turismo 5, the racing simulation series for the Sony PlayStation 3, hit the streets in late November. Over the last month, Sam Schembari — NY Times resident racing game aficionado, and a son of James Schembari, an editor for the Automobiles section — has been unraveling the layers of the game. (Forza Motorsport 3, Gran Turismo 5, PS3, Xbox 360)

FrankMcSpank  +   1793d ago
Another GT5 vs Forza 3 article?

The article really makes no valid points about anything. The write says Forza(720) looks better than GT5(1080), complains about GT5's interior view(Guess he doesn't know you can adjust the viewing distance), cries about damage again. He asks what game to play. Play both. Why does NY Times need to make a trolling article on what game to play?
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MaximusPrime  +   1793d ago
My guess, MS paid NY times.
Baka-akaB  +   1793d ago
no need to pay them . NY is just ignorant for specialized entertainement and tech articles ... just like every newspaper .

If there was any hint of controversity , in the reverse situation they'd crap on Forza too
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PS3udonym  +   1793d ago
why is NYTimes comparing a simulator to an arcade racer? That's like comparing Counter-Strike to Black Ops.
acedoh  +   1793d ago
Maximus there is some truth to that but not like you say it. Microsoft spends millions in newspaper advertising and I am sure spends a lot on advertising in the NY Times. Although I don't think they would be afraid of offending anyone with an article like this.
Narutone66  +   1793d ago
That's the $500 Million ads money at work right there.
MarkusMcNugen  +   1793d ago
@PS3udonym Thats quite a bold statement. Seems like you havent played a real arcade racer in a while. To call Forza an arcade racer is just ignorance. (If you meant the opposite then its still dumb.) Im confused by your Counter-Srike to Black Ops analogy though, is Counter-Strike suppose to be less or more real?

@ALL I love how people hate on companies who advertise and insinuate that it was somehow Microsoft or Sony who influenced the results. Fact is that all companies want all people to buy their games, and every one of them do their behind closed doors deals. Get over it... whiners...

The article is biased against GT5 either way, but people who go one way or the other and just say what they believe to be true without facts are nothing more than fanboys or ignorant.
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rockleex  +   1793d ago
How is Forza a simulator again?



They modify the tracks so much to make the turns more easy that its ridiculous.

Not to mention the driving assists that are never turned off even after you turn them off.
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-Superman-  +   1793d ago
And here we go again
DoomeDx  +   1793d ago
I also dont get why they compare a Simulator, with an arcade-style game.

Its like comparing Gears of War 3 with Uncharted
Mc Nasty   1793d ago | Bad language | show
MRMagoo123  +   1793d ago
yup gears of war 3 is def the best game if your looking for a fag simulator you cant get any more gay than those space marines spitting in each others mouths and grabbing each others arses in the shower.
Pillage05  +   1792d ago
-_- it's so nice to see the n4g crowd maturing...
MaximusPrime  +   1793d ago
Looks like he hasn't completed GT5. moaning about lack of damages. Lol typical.
ZBlacktt  +   1793d ago
Yep, another true fail in the world of reporting.
Blacktric  +   1793d ago
Not to troll or anything but there is mechanical damage option in career mode right? Also, does it applies to all cars (both standard and premium) or does it only available for standard cars?

Edit: @yewles1

Thanks a lot.
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yewles1  +   1793d ago
Mech damage is on all cars...
RememberThe357  +   1793d ago
Mechanical damage is not taken into account durring races from what I've seen. I hate to piss on your parade guys but the author has a point about damage in this game. Your engine and chassis get damaged over time and eventually need repair but you can run into a wall at 200 mph and nothing will really happen; frankly thats not realistic at all.

I love GT5 but people are acting like it's perfect, when in fact it's far from it. And at this point I hate the standard cars and I really refuse to drive them. I'm a high enough level to where I really don
t need to worry about that anymore but the standard cars are butt ugly.

GT5 is still my racer of choice but for everything it does perfectly, there is something else that it completely drops the ball on.
EmperorDalek  +   1793d ago
I'm on level 22 and the visible damage is kicking in. I like the way the damaged areas still reflect the environment but now the reflection is more distorted.
ZBlacktt  +   1793d ago
I'm level 26 on A Spec and Level 40 on B Spec ( yes done with that, lol ).
STONEY4  +   1793d ago
*sigh* I thought it's been established that damage doesn't change AT ALL in the higher levels. Different cars damage differently, that's it. The only reason you may see this is because the race cars have a lot more visible damage compared to production cars.

Even when you just started the game, take a rally car, go crash into everything, and it'll be just like the video. Now I'm level 34, the Honda CR-Z still barely shows a dent, while my Castrol Tom's Supra has shown the same amount of damage that it did when I first tried it in Arcade mode.

And mechanical damage doesn't show up in A-spec. Only in Arcade Mode, Practice, and online.
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acedoh  +   1793d ago
Mechanical damage is what happens to your vehicles ability to race as well as it did when you first got it. I have had to do engine overhauls several times on vehicles I have crashed several times and it is the most costly thing that can happen. Not only that but also fixing structural damage that can be very costly. Just to get the vehicle to run like it did when it was new. It is very real in both A-Spec and B-Spec.
STONEY4  +   1793d ago
Engine overhauls are based on mileage, since the horsepower deteriorates once it's hit it's peak.

Chassis rebuilds just fix the slight loss of tight handling which happens over time, it has nothing to do with crashing. There have been a bunch of tests done over at GTPlanet to confirm this. Also, that whole thing about "crashing your car drives up the repair cost" was completely untrue. The repair cost is always going to be 50% of the car's price.

When I say mechanical damage, I mean the type that can be enabled in Arcade, Practice, and online. Hit your car, and the wheel get's off-centered. Hit it enough times, the car starts to slow down, gear shifts take longer, and the wheel violently chatters. All that is not in GT Life, but was patched in those other modes.
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MRMagoo123  +   1793d ago
I have had to repair my bugatti a few times and the last time i fixed it it cost way more than the car cost to buy.
STONEY4  +   1793d ago
You can literally prove this yourself. Buy a car you know you'll be using for a long time. Do one lap, any circuit, practice mode. Go to GT Auto, make note of the Chassis Rebuild price. Now comeback after a week or so of driving, and crash it a bunch just to prove my point. It will be the same price, mark my words.
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gijsbrecht  +   1793d ago
The ignorance about GT5's deep options is staggering in this blog. I really shouldn't have wasted my time in reading this.
Karooo  +   1793d ago
GT5 is fun to drive, more than forza 3.All other things forza 3 does well.
Snatcher  +   1793d ago
Like GeneralMLD said it. Gran Turismo 5 is better as a simulator game. But Forza 3 is a better overall package.

Do people disagree because of the statement?
Or because GeneralMLD sucks donkey balls?
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PirateThom  +   1793d ago
I disagree on the basis Forza 3 isn't a better package. The career mode basically breaks down to races and nothing but races with no options as it's all locked to a calender. You can't choose when to compete in races and it has no special events, licences, seasonal events or anything outside of the racing.

Forza is a very bare game with the focus on the online aspects. Turn 10 admitted themselves tracks were adjusted to make them more fun online.
DK286K   1793d ago | Spam
IRetrouk  +   1793d ago
i usualy disagree with you thom but dk is right, there is a calander that you can go to to choose whatever race you want, but if you do that then you dont go through the season which also means you cant get the acheivments for seasons compleated.
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Lannient  +   1793d ago
@Snatcher I'd say both. Dude is full of sales and other nonsense. 7th and pyro owned his ass because they are actually about games. Generalmlds opinion on the matter is null and void automatically because, hes never even played GT5. He doesn't even own a ps3.
Snatcher  +   1793d ago
Dude is a moron. He had Mass Effect 2 as AAA on his list of 360 exclusive, even though ME2 was announced on PS3.
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ZBlacktt  +   1793d ago
Hey, another one, lol. Lets see, if I want hits on this site. Just keep putting out compare titles of the two consoles. Even though we've been seeing them since Nov 2010. I was JUST reading the other one just put on here.
offdawall  +   1793d ago
flamebait their both gud ... of course GT5 sales are bigger its GT, but fortza sales are ok to ... fortza is an arcade racer with some cool customization features , and GT is more of a Real driving simulation for automobile lovers its been that way for years ,you all no bout the 1000 cars and nascar stuff ... trust me i have both ... add the psn offdawall8408 peace out
Snatcher  +   1793d ago
''The game also can achieve a resolution of 1080 pixels on PlayStation 3, superior to the 720 pixels Forza manages on the Xbox. Even so, to my eye, Forza still looks better.''

Lol. That is funny though.
never_waste_a_bullet  +   1793d ago
well obviously he has no business in gaming
DK286K   1793d ago | Spam
DK286K   1793d ago | Spam
PS3n360  +   1793d ago
truthfully forza does look better than gt5. the GT5 jaggies on the shadows are the worst this gen. That being said GT5 is more fun to play. Just really pissed about how shitty it looks.
IRetrouk  +   1793d ago
man you really are blind,
PS3n360  +   1792d ago
not blind just not a fanboy like you. I call it as I see it. I do 3d modeling and I would not ever show anyone something that looked like this let alone charge them for it. I am sorry I hurt your fanboy feelings but GT5 graphics are the biggest disappointment this gen after all the hype, I bought ps3 for this game 3 years ago. I have been waiting anxiously for it to come out as I did for the last 4 games in the series. The gameplay is unrivaled but the graphics are not up to snuff.
thebudgetgamer  +   1793d ago
i wish i could combine the two, the physics and events of gt with the customization of forza.
never_waste_a_bullet  +   1793d ago
the New York Times should probably just stay away from gaming
IrishYamato_  +   1793d ago
Both games have hugh followings, so both games are obviously awesome.
I'm getting sick of these "i prefer game A, so game B must be a failure" articles.
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Denethor_II  +   1793d ago
One of the games has a huge following.
enkeixpress  +   1793d ago
Anyone else notice how nothing moves in GT5..? Apart from maybe a flag or two.. like, not even the water moves.

I find that kind of odd.

I think that's how Polyphony Digital got the game game running at 1080p, all the textures & gfx are low-res apart from the cars, themselves.
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IrishYamato_  +   1793d ago
Were you looking at a screenshot?
Biggest  +   1793d ago
Had to have been. I have yet to notice the non-movement of anything in the game. I'm too busy moving my car around the other moving cars.
PirateThom  +   1793d ago
The blimp on Trial Mountain disagrees, I'd research this more, but that moves for a fact.
PirateThom  +   1793d ago
After a bit more research, the Ferris Wheel at Sarthe moves, plane flying across the sky at Toscana, Fireworks on SSR7 and Toscana at night... it's all there, but very subtle, look out for it.
ME1989  +   1793d ago
I own both and enjoy both.

I'm a happy camper.
awi5951  +   1793d ago
He does have a point about some of the cars it looks like they were pulled from the ps2 version. I mean mostly every reviewer said that and some of the tracks looks like it was pulled from the ps2 version as well. You can rage all you want but microsoft cant buy every review site. Thats why GT5 got blasted on metacritic hundreds of reviews saw the same thing some cars and tracks look like PD didnt even upgrade the graphics on them. Thats why it has a 84 on metacritic.

You guys love metacritic when it gives uncharted a high score then cry like little girls when GT doesnt get a score you like. The reviewers arent blind they see the cars and tracks that werent updated to the same quality as the rest of the game and thats why it got blasted with low scores. But you little kids will just blame microsoft with your big tinfoil hats on covered in cheeto dust.
#14 (Edited 1793d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
IrishYamato_  +   1793d ago
Tinfoil tends to collapse when you move your head. That is why i switched to a small traffic cone (it doubles as a megaphone too).
radzy  +   1793d ago
my 2 friends both couldn't wait for gt5 , now , about 1 month later they are selling not only gt5 , but the whole ps3 console.

one of them commented after using gt5 with the porsche fanatec wheel and trying to quick change using clutch . the car didnt go into gear , and repeatedly trying again and again he said
"i am sick of this shit".
he then tried the same wheel with forza 3 and they were amazed on how good the clutch works with forza 3,
he commented "it feels like a real car "
now they are both selling gt5 with the ps3 console as there aren't any more worthy car games for the ps3 . one of them said

" do we have to wait for another 10 years, bring on forza 4 "

also to anyone that reads the comments of n4g , beware , there are very violent and misleading ps3 fanboys.
dont listen to there comments , no matter how intelligent they sound , try the game for your self or you will lose hundreds of dollars because of their hype and bullcrap.
Guitarded  +   1793d ago
Did the over zealous PS3 fans get violent with you? I've known them to be misleading and dillusional, but never violent. Have they gone to the next level? I wouldn't put it past them.

In any case, I agree with the opinions of this article for the most part.
radzy  +   1793d ago
violent in the sense that if you say anything bad no matter how true it may be about the ps3 or its games , their heart will be cut so much , as if you murdered their mother.

so sad
IRetrouk  +   1793d ago
but the exact same thing can be said for both sets of fanboys, and to be honest the xbots started it in 2007 with all the crap about no games and everything else, you wanna talk about heartbreak try 5 rrod console plus a red resident evil one, thats heartbreak and you know what, i still play xbox but lets not pretend here, gt5 shits over every racing game this gen, its unmatched, but you xbox fanboys wont here of it because of that forza game that wasnt really all that diffrent from 2, dont get me wrong its a great game but its just not on gt5s level.
mMMm_Chocolate   1793d ago | Spam
PirateThom  +   1793d ago
So, let me get this straight, they're going over to Forza because GT5 wasn't realistic enough?

Sure thing, buddy.
radzy  +   1793d ago
there are numerous issues with gt5 . from the navigation to the
200 proper cars
to the
800 half assed ps1 cars
to the
car sounds as a kitchen blender
to the
unlocking of damage at a certain level ,just like a rpg
to the
game to the bumper car physics .
to the
unplayability of the game with a clutch because kaza said it was cheating to quick change gears (wah???)
do you want me to go on ???
the list really is rediculously long

p.s. honestly , if you guys(fanboys) keep shooting down criticism of every ps3 game , why would the developers improve it . criticism is a good thing . can you imagine if forza 4 comes out with 5,000 cars consisting of
300 premium cars
1000 xbox1 cars
3700 commodore 64 cars
and they are all playing in the same game .

so you drive a "premium lambo" past a "commodoe64 nissan pulsar" !!!

the forza followers will crucify greenwalt and the developers
#15.3.1 (Edited 1793d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
GarandShooter  +   1793d ago
'800 half assed ps1 cars'
'car sounds as a kitchen blender '

This is not a rational or constructive criticism. This is you being a douchebag and taking pot shots at the game and it's fans. Then you act like you've been victimized by the big bad PS3 fanboys.

Your post does exactly what it was designed to do which is to pit fans of one franchise against the other. You take this from one game vs another to one gamer vs another as evidenced by:

'if you guys(fanboys) keep shooting down criticism of every ps3 game , why would the developers improve it '


'the forza followers will crucify greenwalt and the developers'

Notice how GT5 fans are 'fanboys' and Forza fans are 'followers'?

Then you have the audacity to bemoan the treatment you get? Poor little fellow.

There is a way to criticize something maturely and without sounding like a dick, but apparently you haven't learned that yet. Let me help get you started.

The premium cars look great, but I am disappointed with the look of the standard cars.


The engine sounds don't seem realistic to me, though I must admit I haven't heard all 1000 cars in the game or real life.

In these examples you internalize the issues and assume ownership of your perceptions, thus not insulting someone who doesn't happen to agree with your perceptions, and not hating on the game or developers.

Remember, we reap what we sow.
#15.3.2 (Edited 1793d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report
punisher99  +   1793d ago
So basically your friend disagreed with all the professional race car drivers and car enthusiast who stated that GT5 is the closest thing to real world handling out there? Seems to me that you are the so called "misleading 360 fanboy".

@radzy: And with all those rediculous allocations you are writing. The GT franchise is still pwning the Forza franchise in popularity.
#15.4 (Edited 1793d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
cobpswii3600  +   1793d ago
Nice try... I don't believe a word. BTW: I have played both games. GT5 is a much better game in every aspect.
cobpswii3600  +   1793d ago
Disagree with me all you want. Your post count shows your true colors.
btk  +   1793d ago
And I have 10 friends who bought Kinect. They sold it the very next day after the camera caused all their XB360's to RRoD.

See... I can make up stories too....
JonnyBigBoss  +   1792d ago
Most ridiculous thing I've ever read. Several friends and I have been playing GT5 since it came out, and haven't touched something else. Heck, I just received Resonance of Fate 3 days ago and turned it on for 20 minutes then went back to GT5. Is it because it's a bad game? Heck now. The Gran Turismo addiction is just WAY too strong. Nothing beats drifing a GT-R on Nurburgring.

Shame on you radzy.
CobraKai  +   1793d ago
I prefer the handling of GT5s cars over Forza. But what is up with some of the backgrounds? Some look like they were taken directly from the PS2 with the 2D "X" trees and repetitive texture tiles. Playing those tracks with standard cars make it look more like GT4 HD Collection than GT5. I have to say that the models of the premium cars surpass Forza. Forza looks too "car"-toony.
N4realGMRZ  +   1793d ago
How Obvious is it that most have you have never played Forza 3? very i would say......what a bunch lol....tell you what though GT5 is a great though ;)
Raoh  +   1793d ago
waste of time reading..

Serious flaws notwithstanding, GT5 does have an edge over Forza in gaming options. Once I’m deeper into play, I’ll discuss some of them, including special races, drift trials and B-spec racing.

guy got to level 20, which is higher than me at the time. but with everything that he has not done and it seems like he is still basing his opinions pre patch updated.

truth is if your a serious racer and have both consoles get both. if you only have a ps3 get gt5, no worries. if you only have a 360 get f3, no worries.

forza was ms's answer to gt to get the racing fans and they did a great job. i hate turn 10's attitude and childish comments, especially how they trolled neogaf forums and got busted for trying to make believe they were just some random fan.. (see its reasons like that why i've always hated microsoft pre xbox launch)

my personal opinion, forza is a better option for quick pick up and play call of duty style. gran turismo is a better option for drivers especially whnen using a wheel. if i just want to race a few races against a few friends forza works, if i want to simulate driving gran turismo works.

now go play games and stop writing benchmark articles when you dont even have all the updates and info.
caf0011  +   1787d ago
(my repost)

WOW talk about Sony central here. Look, to be objectively fair I was born n bred on the GT series (specifically 1-3). I am, however, a Forza convert. GT has rested on its laurels way too much over the years. Forza has been to say the least . . . progressive. GT5 does still feel stale since GT3. I've seen everything bashing Forza but lets keep it real and mature.
1. I've heard that the dash in Forza 3 cars don't work. Thats true for about 5% of the cars.
2. Its not a true simulator because it has a rewind function. Ummm, so do the military simulators (Airforce, Navy, Army), so do major airlines (Delta, Airtran etc. simulators for their pilot training) and F1 simulators so I guess those arent true simulators either. The rewind is actually a great tool to perfect a turn or section of the track, instead of going completely around again. And let me pose a GT5 question here. Leveling up to "win" damage is not arcade? Or having minimal to no damage to begin with? just a question.
3. Permanent assist - This one stumps me. I play with the fanatec wheel, so if there are permanent assists (steering) it must be with the pad which if it's true, I would know nothing about. EVERYTHING CAN BE TURNED OFF. depends on the individual racer.
4. GT5 has sold X number of millions than FORZA 3 has in its lifetime. lmao. So has Ford over Porsche. GT5 has history on its side. All that is doing is reassuring Sony that it's ok to rush a deadline and put out an incomplete product (the masses are asses theory) If we make it they will buy it. This rears its ugly head esp with GT5. They simply put out an incomplete product. That really can't be defended.
5. I am a fan of true racing (exception Nascar). I own a 03 acura rsx-s, a 09 370z and a 09 600rr. If I have access to a race IRL I'm there. GT5 is a simulator, the only problem I see with it is that it's packaged wrong. WTF were they doing for 6 years when Turn 10 pumps out quality every 2. Forza 3 is also a simulator that is polished. Not perfect, but polished. I've played GT5 but havent pulled the trigger on it for some reason.
6. Physics - very subjective. to me both are accurate. And if you haven't played both with the best wheel(s) available (Fanatec for Forza 3 and Fanatec or G25 for GT5), with all assists off (save abs)then no one is in a CREDIBLE position to say one is better than the other. A controller or pad "feel" for physics doesn't cut it.
7. Graphics - Visually speaking Forza 3 is 90% of GT5's premium cars. The thing is, ALL of Forza's cars are 90% of GT5's premium. not 80% garbage and 20% great detail (premiums). Again, its the complete package here. Form and function my friends form and function.
8. Bottom line: Race what you love. I can appreciate the GT5 passion, I once had it for the GT series. The game that wins isn't always the one that makes the most money (with that thought process Ford will always be infinitely better than Porsche) It's the one that pays fine attention to the details, the polishing of everything, the complete experience. I too am having fun shaving 0.327 seconds off my time in Forza but its not a boring chore to do so. Just humbly remember there's an inherent weakness in bashing something in order to make something else look good. It should be strong enough to stand on its own. JUST MY OPINION.

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