180°'s Week Three of their Halo 3 Coverage Released 33 Exclusive Screens

33 exclusive screens added on: Wed Sep 12, 2007


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Bloodmask3931d ago

Crisp vibrant textures with a wide range of colors. I know a lot of the haters have criticized Halo 3's graphics. It is simply the art syle that is all. Overall the graphics look great.

Bungie has a lot to live up to come September 25th. And I have no doubt they will deliver.

rubarb233931d ago

this game will deliver!!!! god, we're so close yet so far. i feel like a caged animal waiting for this godsend.

toughNAME3931d ago

but we already knew that.

I like that the brutes have colour (unlike H2) but some of the armour they have...doesnt seem very awe inspiring

it seems like there just taking off the elites armour colours/patterns instead of creating a whole new style of armour

but this is only looking at a few pics/vids so i dunno

other than that, looks incredible

Daxx3931d ago

From a in game point of view, I think the head honchos of the Covenant are the ones responsible for choosing the colors that signify rank.

Yes I know, I'm a nerd for knowing that. XD

Zap Bran4gin3931d ago

well all of thses do look very good.

but most i have seen before.
nothing really new.

but they're still all awsome!

Daxx3931d ago

They look great. ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.