Halo 3 First to Play San Francisco Madness

It was all fairly surreal, sitting in San Francisco's Metreon IMAX theater among the throng of Halo 3 fanatics last night at one of two Halo 3 First to Play events.

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xplosneer3938d ago

Picture copyright infringement! Shockingly similar to PS3's red E!
Just thought I'd say that. Till tomorrow.....

FullyLoaded4203938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

I work at the SONY Store Next Door and I got to sneak in...
its funny tho, the WHOLE day ALOT of ppl (mostly foreign out of towners) were asking if we had HALO 3 for the PS3. I say NO and they are like "WHY NOT". I say its only for the 360 and they go ASK for the 360. FUNNY SH!T!! and just because I work at the SONY store doenst mean im "PRO" Sony. We actually have 2 360 elites in the back inside the break room playing the hell out of it. My co-worker and i just finished Heavenly Sword and NOW its back to Bioshock and Madden!!! I LOVE MY LIFE!! hahahahahaha!!! Im off for 2 weeks beginning the day HALO 3 launches!! My assistant MGR is P!SSED because I left him to work for those 2 weeks, OH WELL...Im the HEAD MGR IN CHARGE!! hahahahahahahahaha!!!

HALO 3!! FTW!!!

macsto3937d ago

LOL, where do I get that halo pic from?

socomnick3936d ago

Halo 3 on a IMAX = roflcopter X 1,000,000 yea that made no sense but that how excited im at the moment about halo.