PS3 Home release date on Sony's UK site.

On Sony's UK site the release date is given for PS3 Home. The release date is said to be July-September. Keep your eyes peeled for Home this month, at least for the UK.

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Nameless3905d ago

If this turns out to be the release date for everywhere then Sony sucks. They should change their company name from Sony to The Delayers.

AznSniper3905d ago

It was originally slated for October if you didn't know.

Lord Anubis3905d ago

still october but it could be pushed back to November.

Skillet_1353905d ago

I really dont think HOME is gonna come out in the UK before it will in the US. It will either be a simultaneous release or it will come out in the US first.

fopums3905d ago

well.......thats certainly earlier than expected, but it could be a limited release for the uk, while they continue perfecting it so it gets a worldwide release in october with as few hitches as possible

AznSniper3905d ago

I can probably see this happening. Sony will probably give details of firmware 2.00 at TGS and announce a release date with a likely simultaneous release worldwide. Apparently in the official Playstation forums, there was a guy who claimed that he worked for Sony and said that firmware 2.00 is coming out on September 26th including Home so who knows. Maybe it could happen maybe it couldn't. It would be cool though.

Nameless3905d ago

Sony could pull a Call Of Duty 4 Beta. They release it in the U.S. first so the servers do not die right off the bat & then expand.

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The story is too old to be commented.