A History of Neglect: 7 Undersupported Nintendo Peripherals

History shows that the Wii Speak is far from the first Nintendo add-on to die an early death.

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Dylantalon12700d ago

all nintendo console made in the pass 15years suffered from neglect especially with hardcore games.

dkblackhawk502700d ago

Hehe I remember pokemon snap...ah good days of the N64.

HolyOrangeCows2700d ago

E-reader.....WTF was the point?!

FrankMcSpank2700d ago

What about the Zapper or Super Scope? They are really popular in retrospec but hope many games used them? I had two games for the NES(Duck Hunt and something like Journey to Earth) and the olny game I remember for Super Scope was the Super Scope game that came with it.

There was also the Online Adapter for the gamecube, the DD attachment for the N64, the Glove, the Trackpad, the Advantage NES controller with the sliding D-Pad, and the i assume canceled heartbeat moniter.