007: Blood Stone is 50 Percent off on Amazon Today

E4G: Amazon, the online retailer is having 007: Blood Stone for 50 percent off today. But, there is a catch.

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dkblackhawk502396d ago

Great time to buy the game now. :D

jaredhart2396d ago

Game Blows...wait 'till it's $15

despair2396d ago

it wasn't that bad, but definitely not worth full price.

multipayer2396d ago (Edited 2396d ago )

The car chase scenes are pretty great. It is from bizarre creations afterall.

AwesomeJizz2396d ago

Just shut up man it's an amazing game

yaz2882396d ago

I finish the game twice on the pc, the game is fucking amazing !!!
I recommended it to everyone getting this on pc !!!!!!

really great game I cant wait for the next one .

tigertron2396d ago

Now I wish I'd waited. :(

MGRogue20172396d ago

I shall be buying it once it's hit the bargain bin. :)

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