Sleeper Hits of 2010, The Best This year Had to offer

GM writes: Gamersmint takes a look at the sleeper hits of 2010, games which didn’t have big marketing budgets or a hype train following it before release and yet managed to be commercially successful thanks to the sheer amount of content and fan approval it got upon release.

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Karooo2542d ago

Bayonetta was awesome, so was vanquish.

imvix2542d ago

Metro 2033, excellent story, gun play was a bit weak, graphics were simply the best of 2010(PC version).

ATi_Elite2541d ago

Metro 2033 graphics are so good that the editors PC couldn't display them hence the generic splash art instead of a screen shot.

Minecraft has sold over 700,000 copies, ALPHA copies. Minecraft just went beta like 2 weeks ago. If you buy the Beta or Alpha you get the final build free.

HolyOrangeCows2542d ago

Most of these titles sold 1+ million.
So much for "sleeper hits"

I just started playing Darksiders. Pretty good stuff.

imvix2542d ago

Bought Darksiders of Steam for a mere 10usd. Guess it will be worth it.

dorron2542d ago

Darksiders FTW!

Bayonetta was fun too.

I'll try Vanquish someday...

XANDEO2542d ago

Metro 2033, loved that game and thats my sleeper hit of 2010

IrishYamato_2542d ago

What's the game in the article image?.

nemrawy2542d ago

^^^^^ It's Darksiders :)

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The story is too old to be commented.