Warner: We're Staying With HD DVD & Blu-ray

Warner Home Video president Ron Sanders says the studio will continue to release films on Blu-ray and HD DVD high-def discs.

At least for now...

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BLaZiN PRopHeT3934d ago

i wonder what that "Atleast for now" means????

WAR_MACHINE773934d ago

well in a fight some one has to lose right? so "at least for now" probably just means until one completely eclipses the other in sales and its no longer profitable to make the other.

bung tickler3934d ago

yeah that really doesnt sound like they will stay gray for long.

Bloodmask3934d ago

Warner will soon choose HDDVD. With HDDVD having more interactive features and a more attractive pricepoint to consumers HDDVD sales are sure to spike this Holiday season.

Especially with players that will be starting at just $199. One must also note that China has just adopted "CH-DVD" as their standard which is compatible with HDDVD.

With the most interactive features, a consumer friendly starting price, soon to be released 51 GB disks, and Blockbuster movies such as The Bourne Ultimatum and Transformers being HDDVD exclusive. Consumers will speak with their wallets this holiday and surely pick HDDVD.

After all why pay more money for the same quality??

Droynas3934d ago

You're kidding right? Blu-ray has a much bigger base! Many many companies are behind them. Like number 4 says. 300 is a great exampel to see which one is winning...

cdzie13934d ago

Don’t forget that the movie ‘300’ will be included with every new Toshiba HD DVD player… and that does count as a sale for Warner Bros.

Rageanitus3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

200 Dollars is still way too much for the casual market.

The casual market for dvd players are 50-75 dollars.

By the time the 200 dollar plays comes out there will be a 250 cheapo blu-ray player. After all both players use similar blue lasers.

The price advantage of hd-dvd is shrinking month after month.

Shopping for electronics is a very picky topic, whether your married or not. Brand named electronics play a big roll, paying 200 dollars for a no name brand electronic will not sell as much as you might think. We will only see a surge in sales for stand alone players when BIG brands like sony, toshiba, panasonic, samsung, lg, sharp, phillips, jvc etc come out with players that have a price range of 75-125 dollars.

Ppl focus on brand first when it comes to electronics, then they climb down the ladder to which brand offers best PERCIEVED value.

this is what happened in the betamax vs vhs war. VHs won because it had more electronic companies backing up the format, added to that more recorders out there.

BDA is currently building MORE relationships with electronic companies to build players and pc recordable drives.

as for you quality comment... most blu-ray discs have uncompressed sound, and it has a great impact on the soundstage. Sorry but I've gone speaker shopping and electronic stores ALWAYS demonstrate the blu-ray player sound over the hd-dvd sound.

synetic3934d ago

Bloodmask to bad that 90% of all the movies sold in china are pirates lol

and hd dvd will not win the war i bet my 3000 euros pc in that ... in europe hd dvd almost dont exist and blu ray is outselling hd dvd in america 2 to 1 and 6 to 1 in japan ...

dude you hd dvd lovers have been saying since last year that blu ray would be death by now but i dont see nothing ( yeahh blu ray lovers have been saying the same ) but the fact is that blu ray is winning and hd dvd not

xplosneer3934d ago

a $200 Blu Ray BenQ PC drive was already annouced.

WAR_MACHINE773934d ago

The $199 players aren't going to help as much as you may think. The fact that its an off brand ensures it won't sell too great. There is a reason that Venture is an off brand and Sony and Toshiba are name brand. People prefer to pay a bit more for a brand name and have quality than save money and get something poorly made that may not even work in a year. Its always been this way and probably always will.

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xfrgtr3934d ago

There is no doubt that Warner will go Blu,HDDVD don't sale because of the miserable hddvd installed base;compare the sale of the DEPARTED and 300 on both format and you'll see that Warner sells a lot more on Bluray than the dying hddvd

xbox360migs3934d ago

But Warner have sold more planet earth on HD DVD so far, things are still close considering the amount of people yet to join the HD Market.

Snukadaman3934d ago

since you usually side with a format thats winning this format war.

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