Nintendo craze at retirement home

People at Sunrise home in Edgbaston, some in their 90s, have been holding tournaments using the Nintendo Wii.

Residents have been enjoying games simulating tennis, golf and bowls while still inside the warmth of the home.

Players pit themselves against the games, but the residents say tournaments to gain the highest score have become "competitive".

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Tsalagi3908d ago

Coming this fall, Wii hip replacements, or Wiihips. The newest motion sensitive accessory for you Wii bowling grandmas. (always wear your safety strap)

Kholinar3907d ago

Funny. :)

So where's the SixAcne controller? That'd sell.

Bolts3908d ago

...and hide it somewhere deep and dark where it will never resurface again before it hurt their market share. Nobody, and I mean nobody want their console to appeal to this market group.

purin3907d ago

I'm sure you are somewhat knowledgeable on Japanese culture; a culture which values its elders. This is the case because of long-standing traditions and the fact that a large portion of the Japanese populous is over 65 years of age.

Kholinar3907d ago

Yeah it'd be terrible for parents to think that they could buy a console that little Suzy would want to play with Grandma.

Let's buy Suzy a different one so she can practice headshots on bag-ladys instead...

Not everyone is so concerned with being hardcore.

Rooftrellen3907d ago

How could anyone ever want a console that doesn't have you killing half the population of the world on every game!?

Oh, that's right, the Wii is more fun than that.

I actually think more people would want a console that appeals to everyone than would want a console that appeals to only one small group. Everyone is a much larger group than one small fact, I rest my case.


You're very right. I'd bet Nintendo is very happy about stories like this. It's a very good thing for them, not just financially, but morally, as well. This not just because of the respect given to elders in Japan, but because they're giving elders everywhere something they really enjoy, which is more than many of them can say for Friday Night Bingo, I'm sure.



Bubbles for both of you!