Ten Things 1UP Loves About Halo 3...And Five They Don't

Between the past three weeks on 1UP and EGM's massive 19-page Halo 3 blowout, they've covered Halo 3 in exhaustive detail. Everyone at 1UP and EGM who has spent time with the game has chimed in on what they're looking forward to...and what they're not.

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Stella3744d ago

1Up and EGM hyping crappy old Halo 3?

Shocking news!

ngg123453744d ago

one of the best games coming out this year.

uxo223744d ago

How can anyone disagree with ngg12345's comment that halo3 is going to be one of the best games released this year. He said "One of" not "THE". Strange. Must be just another halo hater. (HH)

oohWii3744d ago

IT WII60 TIME! I am not missing Halo this time around. WhooHoo!

3744d ago
darkequitus3744d ago

You are a fool, because by your logic,a s KZ was poor KZ2 cannot be any better. Work still no sequal can ever be better than the original game. So I guess UT£, Orange box et al will all be crap.

Get a brain you retard

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toughNAME3744d ago

just get down his bubbles

Daxx3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

1. Graphics aren't the main reason why TRUE gamers play games, it's the gameplay (which the Halo series' gameplay is nothing but fun and addicting). Gameplay should always take priority over graphics (unless your some freak that just touches himself whenever he sees crytal clear HD games with sh*tty gameplay). Sure Halo 3 does not look like Crysis or KZ2 BUT it doesn't look like, what you call, a "crap game". But it wouldn't matter to me if Halo 3 had N64 graphics, I would still play it for it's amazing gameplay.

2. The networking is not a problem unless you live in a backwards society with a Dial-up connection. I have High Speed DSL and the only time a get lag is when I'm playing against someone in Mexico.

3. 16 players is the sweet spot for a multiplayer game IMO. Sure 32 or 40 players would of been nice BUT it doesn't make the game any better or any worse.

4. The only reason why Halo 2 was dissapointing (for some) was because some people didn't like playing as the Arbiter (But I liked Arby ^_^) and most people didn't like the huge cliff hanger of an ending (I didn't mind because Halo 2 had online mulitplayer, which was awesome).

5. And $50 bucks a year is not a lot of money unless you're a poor lazy bum(Are you a poor lazy bum Stella?)and when you do the math it's only about $4 to $5 a month. Besides if you're that concerned with your money you could just use a Silver account.

6. Whatever you say about Halo 3 will still not change the fact that millions are going to buy it and play it to their heart's content.

DreamTension3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Shiny stuff? The only thing shiny is the fact you're a complete idiot

"Where most developers get carried away with surface effects and end up creating a world that looks to have been built of modeling clay slathered in grease, Halo 3's visual surfaces behave like the things they're mimicking. Rocks and wood and grass are dull, metal surfaces have luster but don't go overboard with reflectivity, and everything looks "lived in."

Bad online? Why pay $50?

1) Four-player online co-op
2) Forge
3) Saved films
4) Some of the most customizable fun you can in a video game. This game will last me at least 5 years (yeah, I know: if the 360 lasts that long...spare the BS)
5) Xbox LIVE for a year is worth more than your mother for one night($50)

You're right, there is nothing that could make the campaign better than Halo 2's...


1) The added power of the 360
2) 4 player co-op
3) More development time than Halo 2
4) Campaign scoring: "Four players versus the Covenant seems a bit unfair to the poor aliens, even on Legendary -- but when you start collecting skulls and activating their gameplay mods, things will get interesting."
5) Less linear levels that play different everytime and don't repeat sh*t all the time: "Halo 3 assuages our concerns -- its missions seem to offer the variety of Halo 2 and the more open format of the original Halo. Big battles can be approached from many different directions, further adding to the gameplay variety. But there's no copy-and-paste level design."
6) Better A.I.: "we played through a few Campaign levels multiple times and found that every single major encounter was totally different every time -- and that enemies on normal difficulty behave more like they did in Halo 2's Heroic mode."

Dedicated servers would be nice though...

Covenant3744d ago

I disagree with people from time to time, but I rarely leave negative feedback/lost bubbles.

You, Stella, have earned the loss of your rights to comment. And pretty quickly, I might add.

There's a difference between troll and fanboy...a fanboy is irrationally devoted to one game/console but can sometimes be reasonable and make valid points...whereas a troll is just someone who takes time out of their lives to see how many people they can p!ss off with a random, anonymous comment.

Guess which you are?

BTW, someday you'll meet your Stanley.

Stella3744d ago

"You, Stella, have earned the loss of your rights to comment. And pretty quickly, I might add. '

Gee, Covenant guess not you pathetic loser.

When a company spends 10 million dollars crapping their hype all over the gaming world for such a sh!tty game like Halo 3 every gamer has a right to take time to make fun of the idiots doing so.

Marketing and hype aren't going to save Halo 3 or make gamers suddenly think paying 50 bucks every damn year is worth it for a last gen looking fps with no dedicated servers and a pathetic 16 player max per game.

Halo 3 reeks of fail.

THAMMER13744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

You know you’re good when people hate this hard.

Halo 3 is going to rock. Me saying that hurts you more then you going out of you way to tell me that it sucks. Your efforts are stupid. Try getting a life.

Daxx3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Yeah Stella, If you think this game is nothing why do you hate it soooo much? Usually games that are crappy and are nothing are just ignored and forgotten. Your hate just shows us that you're insecure about Halo's greatness.

Twilightx73744d ago

or Nasim/Larry007 or whatever the hell you post as. Reading through various posts on N4G, Halo 3 or otherwise, the only things I see you spout are nonsensical bullsh*t. You're the laughingstock of these forums, and an enormous and ignorant idiot to boot. You discredit incredibly talented developers for creating one of the single most complete and impressive games to be released this year. You're hypocritical and obviously lack the tact of even the worst critics. I pity you and the soon approaching time after Halo 3's release, when you simply won't have anything to comment on.

VirusE3743d ago

For the record it is nasim/larry007/stuntman/stella . If we are going to name nasims alter egos lets not forget them all. It is sad that he can do what he does and the admins of this site let it go unchecked. Other ps3 fanboys even hate nasim.

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fopums3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

is anybody else having trouble loading the article? maybe there bandwidth just got hammered when this article was posted xD

edit: yeah mine just loaded, maybe they were being nice by giving me time to enjoy my hot pocket!

but back to the article, I agree and disagree with a few points they made, playing as elites and spartans is fine, we dont really need the flood, but if the different races played differently ala Haze and Resistance then I would be all for it. but Halo 2 didnt have that so Halo 3 will be fine without it.

I just wish the maximum players online was higher, at least 24 would have been nice IMO

I didnt know about tweeking the covenant during campaign mode though too make them more difficult, thats badass right there :D

FordGTGuy3744d ago

It took me a while to load it.

HeartlesskizZ3744d ago

The website is to busy thats why is having some problems.
Back on topic: I agreed with them, one of the big things halo3 will be missing is clan support.

uxo223744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

It's kinda weird, I normally don't get too hyped over a game, but I am starting to get pretty hyped on Halo3. Can't wait to see some of the feature that was written about in this article. 10 - 12 hours isn't that bad, although it would be nice if it were longer. From what I hear Heavenly Sword is 6-7 hours, now that's short. I may just rent that one and beat it over a weekend. Especially since it has no multiplayer.

Anyway, it worked, I am starting to feel the itch to play some HALO!

Daxx3744d ago

The good thing is that the XBL Fall dashboard update is making it possible so that you can have a clan there and it will later on tie into Halo 3.

urban bohemian3744d ago

I think its great that they didnt just kiss Halo's arse, it looks like its going to be a fantastic game but its better for everyone if websites take a neutral stand.