Project Gotham Racing 4 gameplay videos presents three gameplay videos of Project Gotham Racing 4.

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Farsendor13931d ago

looks cool cant wait for this one pgr 3 was nice and this one should be also.


some nice racing games out there.

xaphanze3931d ago

now this game is supposed to compete with GT? Yeah right! Give me a break.

JPomper3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Well no, it's not... seeing how PGR is an arcade racer and GT is a simulator.

Stella3931d ago

"now this game is supposed to compete with GT"

They should forget about trying to compete with a much more talented developer working on the vastly superior PS3 hardware - GT on the PS3 16 cars 1080p 60fps.

It will be an amazing accomplishment if these hacks can manage to get PGR4 to actually run at 720p 30fps and not be covered in jaggies.

They only managed to get PGR3 to run at 1024x600 and 30fps, so don't expect much other than more of the same bogus marketing shots.

synetic3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Stella Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is no more than a demo so its stupid to even compare Project Gotham Racing 4 to gt5 prologue

but hey even if is a demo its still much superior to Project Gotham Racing 4 lol

GMR_PR3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Yeah you guys are right a demo that has been in development for like...
let see... mmmmmmmm...



edit; First of all, im not an xbot i might buy GT5 when the finish game comes out. Dont know yet.

Second, im just telling you as i see it, and i think Sony is been working on this demo for a long time and thats why it look that good. Dont expect the final game to look better because its not. Not that its needs it because its looking great as it is.

Now who's the one with the low IQ?

probably you fanboys.

synetic3931d ago

gt5 is been in development for like year the prologue is like a second game but compared to gt5 is no more than a demo

btw another xbot with low IQ that is sad to not have gt5 in xbox

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Crazyglues3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

I'm a huge PGR3 fan and that game was amazing, and looked unreal. this looks chessy like they brought the graphics down a little. Maybe it's because of that whole 30fps thing.

But I hope that was just bad video or something because I didn't like nothing I saw there. The not playing at 60fps is looking like a huge mistake. The game looks more arcade type style then how PGR3 was. The bike doesn't sound good at all. (what happened here?)

I just hope this was because the video is not HD. I can't see how they would make the cars look less detail then in PGR3.

All that CG they should before was all false hope, that game is nothing close to those CG shots. (Ok i'm just going to close my eyes and pretend like I didn't see that video, because I know the game can't be that weak, that had to be bad video.) I will still just buy the game and hope for the best.

UPDATE: See even though video is not the best still looks much better in this video.

See I just found this, and I will Present it as exhibit: A -because after watching that video I was like ok, everything is fine looks good, and put it back on the list for must haves.

Tone3931d ago

Even tho that vid you put up was crappy quality.. it still looked a hell of a lot better than the ones presented.. they do not do the game any justice at all.

toughNAME3931d ago

day one purchase for me....gotta love those motorcycles

Meus Renaissance3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

The environments are what raise this game to the standards of a visual delight, but comparing the car models it doesn't meet the standards of GT Prologue I'm afraid. Sony haven't shown us gameplay or much in regards to the environment of Prologue aswell so it'll be exciting to see who has the Ace in that regard.

Graphics = GT
Gameplay = ?

T-Virus3931d ago

It's impossible to answer. It's all preference. I myself I'm partial to both sim and arcade racing. So for me the gameplay goes to both GT and PGR. Other's may prefer GT or PGR because of their preferences.

Meus Renaissance3931d ago

Yes but I meant which game will represent its style of driving the best. Will PGR4's arcade layout be just as good, will it lack, or will it be even better? And the bigger question is, will that attempt be more credited than Sony's attempt to offer a simulator in Prologue.

So which one does its job better..and we won't know for some time.

T-Virus3931d ago

Well that's the waiting game we'replaying now then.

(PS; Wasn't me that disagreed with you.)

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