GameStop: 360 returns down since warranty extension

In a recent article in the New York Times (free registration required), GameStop executive Bob McKenzie noted that the Xbox 360's frequently publicized quality problems haven't damaged the console's sales at all...

Red Ring of Death or not, it looks like good games are still enough reason for the Xbox 360 to keep on trucking.

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Syko3811d ago

That and the new consoles have been fixed and aren't exposed to the problems of the early units. This RRoD is already dying out. And as the remaining old units finally trickle in with the RRoD they will be fixed and this problem will be a thing of the past, as it is already on it's way to being eliminated.

Plus, Any former or current PS2 owner has to asks themselves how many PS2's have you had due to the sub-par quality DVD drive in most of them. At least MS fixes them for free. While both are unacceptable in terms of hardware faults. I do give MS props for stepping up and fixing units for free. Especially since they extended the warranty to 3 years 2 weeks before my xbox suffered the RRoD.

Stella3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

What a pathetic loser you are.

Syko 360 is a perfect example of why the gaming world despises Microsoft and the Xbox and its disgusting fanboys.

"360 returns down since warranty extension"

Gee, ya think it might be because now every single idiot who was dumb enough to buy the most defective console in history is sending their dead system directly back to Microsoft instead of trying to return it to stores?

Droynas3811d ago

I bought my Ps2 on the realeseday and I'm STILL playing on it. It never broke down on me! And i think it's kind of bad that it took this long for MS to do something about it... But good that they finally fixed it =)

Stella3811d ago

"I bought my Ps2 on the realeseday and I'm STILL playing on it."

Yep, launch PS2 still works just as well as when I bought it seven years ago or so.

WilliamRLBaker3811d ago

and im on my 3rd ps2:)

Launch ps2 died after 6 months because of faulty laser, 2nd died because main drive shorted out, 3rd is a slim line and works still.

Syko3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Seriously, Then you have a beast of a PS2 because I know only a couple of people that still have the old units that will read discs and they are not what I would consider "True Gamers" just based on play time. I have to admit I went through two PS2's cause of the DVD drive, However in my first apartment I didn't have cable so that bastard was on 19 hours a day watching movies and playing games. While at the same time, I am not really comparing the two because a total system failure is FAR worse than your DVD slowly taking the piss.

As for MS taking so long. Ya I am not so delusional to think they weren't forced to fix it. I would really like to know the failure rate because it is seriously at least 30-35% minimum just by the people on my friends list and my own experience. But still to eat 1.2 billion dollars even for a company like MS is hard to do.

ReBurn3811d ago

Because my launch PS2 died 4 months after I bought it. It came down with the DRE's.

I liken people who say "My launch PS2 still works perfectly" to people who say "My launch Xbox 360 still works perfectly". They're both pretty damned lucky.

Stella3811d ago

Wow, shocking news!

360 owners making up stories about how they are "on PS2 number X". Funny how these stories suddenly appeared right around the time the magnitude of the 360 hardware defects started to make the news.

Losers. 360 owners, pathetic losers.

tplarkin73811d ago

It takes a fanboy to know a fanboy.

ReBurn3811d ago

The PS2 failure rate was well-documented and culminated in a class action lawsuit against Sony. A simple Google search will confirm that. No need to make up lies when you have the truth to back you up.

snoop_dizzle3811d ago

sure the 360 has issues undoubtedly but dude you go way to far. Putting down others just to get your point across. Thats just sad. In fact along with nasim(chances are its you anyways) you are the saddest peice of sh!t on this site.

And btw dont be a smart @ss i do agree the 360 has issues but you give every one a bad name on this site even mostly any sony fanboy.

Enjoy your lonely anti social life(I'm assuming so since if you act like this in real life you wouldn't get that far.)

hmmm i wonder why.

Again, the 360 does have issues but that doesn't give you an excuse to be a [email protected] to other people for their preferences.

You are truly the lowest lifeform on this site. And look at your competition. They don't even go that far. Enjoy.

_____________________________ _______________________________ ___________
and before you respond to me realize I'm talking about(read slow to make sure you understand) you, not a console. So lighten up bro. Because if your are in any way like this in real life, well i pity you.

tehcellownu3811d ago

of course returns is down their sendin it to who cares if xbots like defective console..i can care less if they buy a broken 360...its on

SKullDugger3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

The new 360 pro's with the HDMI output have the 2nd heatsink directly connected to the heatsink for the GPU which is under the DVD drive this GPU was overheating causing warping and ROD now with the 2nd heatsink the GPU runs cooler less chance of ROD and the ELITES with a MFD late July on have the 2nd heatsink also and with HALO 3 and COD 4 and NINJA GAIDEN 2 360 only , why not buy the system with the BEST games.

no_more_heroes3811d ago

my little sister has had the original ps2 from before the first Kingdom Hearts came out. The only trouble it gives is not its fault, its the stone age tv and vcr that its hooked up to. We're not poor, just cheap. My parents are, anyway. ;)

sak5003811d ago

So in reality if most of ps2 owners (me included first one conked out) had 2 or more ps2s then the much touted figure of 120million ps2s sold (says sony) means the actual owners are probably 50-60 million.

Good work MS and lets hope Elite and the later models onwards have less of RRODs or for that matter any kind of issues.

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DEADEND3811d ago

I can't wait to get mine back, I need to play some GEARS.

cheatmaster283811d ago

If RROD was fixed dont you think they would have lowerd the warranty back to a year? Open your eyes and stop buying this system. Its freaking broken and good games or not (most likely not) you cant play them on a broken system. MS only wants to take your money by making you buy multiple 360s.

ReBurn3811d ago

Even when they have the hardware within an acceptable fault tolerance, I doubt you'll ever see the RROD warranty reduced.

Syko3811d ago

You're right Reburn. Plus when they issued the 3 year warranty they said:

We have researched the many issue that can cause the 3 red rings and we believe that any system that is going to fail will fail with in the first three years.

Or something like that, I was paraphrasing. =)

eLiNeS3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Why would they change their warranty back to 1 year? If they fix the problem with the RROD then they don't have to worry about anymore being sent in, but since it's still fresh in everyone's minds and will be for sometime it gives the consumer the peace of mind it's still covered just in case.

So, why would you have to buy multiple systems if you have a 3 year warranty on the one you own? M$ is standing by their product, can't say much for Fony with their PS2.

I would rather have a broke down Xbox 360 that is covered for 3 years with Top Shelf AAA games then a PS3 with nothing much but a Trojan horse ready to die.

Dlacy13g3811d ago

Obviously you have no concept of public relations, marketing and "good will w/ consumers". MS would be INSANE to change the warranty back to 1yr. They had a major PR issue with the RROD. They went a long way in smoothing that out by extending the warranty to 3yrs for existing owners, they further increased consumer confidence by saying we are giving all 360's a 3 yr warranty moving forward so you have nothing to fear, we are standing behind our product.

Only a fool would turn those gains around by taking back the warranty to 1yr.

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Bloodmask3811d ago

That even despite some hardware problems that consumers are still enthusiastic for the 360. And with the bevy of good titles being released in the next few months who wouldn't be. Especially with Halo 3 just on the horizon in a couple of weeks.

I am glad that Microsoft stepped up to the plate and is fixing all faulty consoles for free. Not only that but extending the warranty for 3 years to make sure all fualty consoles are weeded out at no expense to the consumer.

With the new Falcon models arriving and with all 360's coming with upgraded parts including a larger heatsink on the GPU RROD will soon be a thing of the past.

Meus Renaissance3811d ago

I agree, lets just hope they've learnt their lesson over this in preparation for their next console.

chasegamez3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

because alot of people are buying ps3
not playing with there 360 nomore

G_CodeMonkey3811d ago

Might you give a citation for this little nugget? gCM

eLiNeS3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

looks to me the PS3 sales have slipped and the Xbox 360 sales are up from looking here:

Not ONE! but TWO Xbox 360 SKUs are above the PS3 in sales on Bestsellers list.

As I look at it from the nice plush green grassy side of the fence, looking over I see the PS3 side in a major drought with dead weed infested grass.

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